Behind Bars [active/closed]

Characters: Ushiromiya Ange, Mello, Ciel Phantomhive, Link, Mai Kawasumi, Rue
Setting: Basement Labs
Time: Day 21, early morning
Summary: The latest batch of experiment victims are brought to the labs' cells as the sun rises. Here, they await their turn for torture.
Warnings: Misery and fear and raeg and general unpleasantness. Unhappy captives. That sort of thing. Probably some cursing. Also, crappy OP.

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((OOC: As always, these cage threads are NOT for experimenting--they are for character interaction as the experiment victims await their turns to be experimented on. This thread will likely have no strict posting order, and multiple sub-threads are encouraged to represent different conversations at different points of time. To help keep things moving, the Three Day Rule is in effect; go ahead and keep pushing on if someone's lagging behind would stifle and kill stuff for too long. Questions/concerns/comments/whatever are welcome, but the Phantasms probably won't be posting again in this thread unless specifically needed.))
Inside me is a power you'll never know

Try to reach inside of me, Try to drain my energy [active/open]

Characters: Sonic, some monsters and ANYONE WHO DOESN'T MIND BEING RUN OVER BY HIM
Setting: all over
Time: Night 20, after things go to hell
Summary: Sonic never was one to care about statistics, rules or numbers and what they tried to tell him he couldn't do...
Warnings: none?

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[ooc: yea, he's just... running around Dollsy right now. 8( Feel free to run into him in the halls or assume he ducked into a room where your guy is chilling out, he's pretty flexible like that]


Monster Mash [Active/OPEN, NO NEED TO ASK]

Characters: Luxa, Ushiromiya Ange, Xerxes Break, Ciel Phantomhive, Portgas D. Ace, Mello, Subject Delta, Various Dollsy Monsters, OPEN TO ANYONE
Setting: Grand Ballroom
Time: The very beginning of Night 20
Summary: Happy birthday, Dollsy! It's party time, and all the monsters and ghosts have come out to play. Care to join them for a bit of wine and revelry?
Warnings: Ummm..... organs? Possible grossness? Graphic violence? A ton of people?

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((OOC: Okay, guys, here's how this is going to work. As this is doubtless going to be a big thread, we are going to ask you to respond to comments instead of always responding to the entry, like you normally do, so we can have individual sub-threads in this thread. Thread-hopping is certainly allowed and encouraged, time is flexible here, etc. etc. The NPCs are here for flavor and background so you guys aren't just responding to each other in a vacuum--you certainly can interact with them, but they're here to serve you, not distract you from each other. Being that this is such a large thread as to warrant the sub-threads, there is no official posting order, and the three day rule will be in effect, meaning that if someone doesn't tag within three days, then people are permitted to skip them and move on. You can feel free to move around the NPCs if you wish; they're still monsters, obviously, but they're not hostile or doing the killing thing at the moment. We'll be watching this thread and poking our heads in if needed, and whenever someone gets hurt, to start the en masse massacre. You can also feel free to start an attic thread for everyone, if you want all the party-goers to resurrect at once. Any questions, just let us know!))