Suoh Tamaki (commonintrigue) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Suoh Tamaki

Welcome [Acitve/Open]

Characters: Suoh Tamaki, Mio Amakura, Fletcher Tringham, Ootori Kyouya
Setting: Entrance hall.
Time: Later half of Day 007.
Summary: Tamaki slips into the house, Mio finds him, and Kyouya joins the mix.
Warnings: Nothing I can think of, currently.

The first thing Tamaki noticed is that his head hurt. Secondly, his backside; he had taken a hard fall. He leaned back, before cringing as the surface he'd hurt himself on came into contact with a soft spot on his head.

Ow. That had been a bad idea.

Something didn't feel right, and he was sure it wasn't the injury.

It was strange; he couldn't hear the twins laughing at him having tripped, or maybe one of the girls asking if he was okay. Tamaki pushed himself to his feet, rubbing at his eyes when he opened them and found the world too bright (was he concussed? It didn't feel like he'd hit his head that hard). After a moment of staring and blinking at the floor, his sight adjusted and the marble below him seemed... off for what he was expecting.

Suddenly, the bump on his head seemed considerably less important. Tamaki looked back at the door he'd hit his head on. It was strange oak that he was sure wasn't anywhere to be found in the academy, especially not in the middle of the music room.

He gave a small laugh, hesitant to turn around in case it proved unfamiliar, "Very funny, you two. What sort of punishment game is..."

It was a far cry from what Tamaki wanted to see, and he squeezed his eyes shut for a number of seconds before taking a second look. No, it hadn't changed. "Oh. What is going on here?"
Tags: !day 007, !incomplete, fletcher tringham (fullmetal alchemist), mio amakura (fatal frame), ootori kyouya (ouran high host club), suoh tamaki (ouran high host club)
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