Akasuna no Sasori (marionettewaltz) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Akasuna no Sasori

Master, Master [Complete]

Characters: Sasori
Setting: tin bedroom
Time: early Night 007
Summary: The insect in Sasori's heart container escapes.
Warnings: character death

Night fell, and Sasori paid little mind to the change. Certainly he would have to leave and see to any new monsters--he had been making puppets out of them, hitokugutsu that could provide a unique advantage when he returned home. That he would be facing the night with a crippled chakra system was something he worried about, in the back of his mind, but not enough to really acknowledge it: his pride wouldn't allow it.

It was when he felt a sharp pain that he froze, setting down the puppet he had been working on and reaching to his heart container automatically. What was going on--the bug. He fumbled with the container, trying to pull it out, to stop the thing as he should have, but as he did the pain lanced through him again and he let go of it for fear of tugging it out and dropping it on the floor. A hand curled against the table.

And then he coughed, wondering wildly why he would be doing something when he had no lungs, and then he saw the blood. The thing--the thing was burrowing through the container, through his heart. He tugged at the container, but it was too late. His chakra system shuddered violently as his heart spasmed, and he felt his body go limp, fall to the ground.

And then he was dead, and the insect slipped out of a crack in the doorway and under the floorboards.
Tags: !character death, !complete, !night 007, akasuna no sasori (naruto)
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