Machi Tobaye (machitobaye) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Machi Tobaye

And We're Going Down [Active, Open]

Characters: Machi Tobaye, Anna Marshall.
Setting: Just outside the grand room.
Time: Sunset 007
Summary: Machi's bug comes out. It hurts!
Warnings: Gore, some language, graphic descriptions of pain and something tunnelling through someone's body. Holes in abdominal walls, etc.

Machi scuttled along the ceiling from the cricket bedroom quickly, not wanting to be seen by anyone or run into anyone--his path took him down the rose hallway and down the stairwell to the first floor, and he was moving towards the grand room when suddenly the pain struck.

At first it was a twinge--no worse or more severe than any thing else he'd ever experienced, and he kept going, ignoring it, attributing it (correctly) to the bug that had been planted in his stomach, which had been in him for long enough to get used to. In mere moments, though, it worsened--growing, sharp and piercing, expanding and shooting through him so he felt it even in his shoulders as it bored into his stomach, the insides of him, his muscles. He grit his teeth, shutting his eyes and finally stopping as it doubled, tripled in scope--a horrible, burning pain, radiating outward, like something was eating him, chewing him, tearing him apart from the inside. It spread rapidly, getting sharper, more painful, a sick, unbearable, monstrous...

He lost his grip and dropped, hitting the ground with a painful crack which might have been a part of his body, except that he hardly noticed, doubling up, curling into a painful half-human ball, his rotting arms over his abdomen, grinding his teeth together in agony, his eyes squeezed shut as the pain expanded even further, terrible, agonising,he could feel it under his clothing, incomprehensible, inhuman, something hard coming up against the inside of his body, pushing... and suddenly there was a tearing, terrible and audible, and something wet, tiny, horrible, hard pressed up against his hands, making him move, reflexively, and it scurried out, small, bright, and fast in the dying sunlight, barely visible through the tears and glare, shining with blood and the remnants of his body's flesh, darting up against the baseboard and vanishing into the corners of the room, leaving him behind, immobile, bleeding terribly through he hole in his abdomen...
Tags: !day 007, anna marshall (soprano sorceress), machi tobaye (ace attorney)
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