Nataku @ The Dollsy House (heretic_nataku) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Nataku @ The Dollsy House

Welcome to the Doll House [Now Closed]

Characters: Nataku, anyone who happens along
Setting: The Doll Bathroom
Time: Night 001
Summary: Nataku does what he can to bandage his wound and meets the other people stuck in the Dollsy House
Warnings: Mentions of injuries and maybe other stuff once

When you didn't know where you were the best thing to do was to assess your surroundings and explore. When you didn't know where you were and you were injured then your first priority was to bandage yourself up as best as you could before exploring. That was why Nataku was glad he could find a bathroom on the first floor after wandering around for a short while. The large amount of dolls in it made him nervous given the way his joints looked so similar to them, but he forced himself to ignore it. One thing at a time, right? If this noisy place was dangerous then he wanted to be in as top a condition as possible.

One thing was certain, his robes were ruined and stained in blood. Oh well, if they were ruined anyway it couldn't hurt to ruin them further. Linen fell away as he examined his injured shoulder. He'd done a pretty job of stabbing himself; it was going to take a few weeks before it healed and then maybe months before that arm was usable in any way. That was good, he had been trying to maim himself so he'd be useless to his father.

A pain swelled in his heart at the thought of his father, but he pushed it out of his head. He had to bandage himself up. He couldn't die here no matter how much he wanted to right now. He promised that boy - Goku - he'd promised Goku he would show him all the great hiding places in the Imperial Palace and take him to the lower world to try out all the sweets there. He couldn't go back on that promise. Not here. Not until he saw him again.

He picked up a towel from the rack and wet it, beginning to wash the blood away. When that was through he removed his robe and held the hem between his teeth. His senses were on alert for in case someone or something walked by or walked in. He didn't like the idea of someone seeing him in this state and he definitely didn't want someone's first impression of him to be how unusual his body was. No one else had joints like that of a doll that he knew of and it made him a freak.

He was tired of being a freak.
Tags: !complete, !night 001, nozomu itoshiki(sayonara zetsubousensei), war prince nataku (saiyuki)
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