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You're not alone [Complete]

Characters: Kairi and Sora.
Setting: Hospital Bedroom
Time: Early evening, Night 007.
Summary: Sora and Kairi are reunited. They also have a run-in with the ghost boy under the beds.
Warnings: Scary little ghost boy who pulls off skin. ;;

Kairi had never prided herself in her memory. She didn't remember who where parents were or what world she came from ( although she finally was told that it was Radiant Garden ), and for a while she had even forgotten about her friend, Sora, almost entirely. So, she couldn't remember Zetsu's directions from the night before ( which seemed like a week ago – and it probably was ) on how to get to the Hospital Bedroom. Her conversation with the plant-man ( nice, she had learned, and not a monster ) had been much more than a crash-course in the house, and now she felt prepared to face whatever it had in store for her. At least, prepared knowledge-wise – she still wasn't quite sure how to use her keyblade efficiently to defend herself.

She still hadn't encountered any ghosts or monsters.

By now she was beginning to faultily believe that the light in her pure heart was keeping them at bay like Zetsu had suggested. Even a little less convincing, she thanked her lucky charm. Kairi reached into the small black pouch resting on her hip unconsciously, fingering the thalassa shells. She was torn between smiling, a little flutter of hope and love twinging in her chest, and crashing down into the depths of depression. Before she came here, it had just been days before she got that back from Sora . . . Remember what he'd said? "I'm always with you, too. I'll come back to you, I promise!" And now he was gone again.

Remembering her friend made her want even more desperately to get out of this house. She didn't know why she had ended up here – Zetsu had explained various theories – but she hoped he and Riku or anyone else didn't wind up here as well. Even if they were stronger when they were together ("We made it this far by sticking together."), in a way, they were still here with her. ("Even if we're apart, we're not alone anymore.") She didn't want them to be trapped, too.

Regardless, she missed them. So she tried to force the sad thoughts away from her mind and filled them instead with happy ones. The smile when Sora had given it back to her, laying it in the palm of her hand. To be truthful, she had almost forgotten about it, what with the whole losing her memories thing while he was away. Even if she had made a promise. "Take this. It's my lucky charm. Be sure to bring it backed to me. . . . Promise?" Don't ever forget. Almost forgot, but not entirely. And now this charm would keep her safe. It kept Sora safe on his journey, allowing him to come back to her unharmed. Maybe she would get some of his strength because he had carried it along with him for so long. Why not? Their hearts were connected.

"I know you will," She whispered, looking down at her feet as she walked.

She had wandered, lost, for about forty-five minutes. There were so many rooms – how was she supposed to know which was which? Finally, she ended up where she wanted to be. Zetsu had said there were medical supplies in the . . . Oh, no. He hadn't said the Hospital Bedroom, had he? He'd said the Surgery Room. A wave of dizziness struck her, and she almost wheeled back on her heels. Could she really be that forgetful and confused? The mistake nearly made want to cry; she had wandered this house for that long just to end up in the wrong place. But this place, it looked exactly like a community hospital room . . . and hospitals had medicine, right? Of course. Before she turned back, she decided to scout out some materials. She'd need more potions ( if they had any ), and then she'd go get some food. She should have done this before dark fell, of course, but time had slipped away from her ( sort of unlikely because time was so stretched here ). She also needed to find a place to sleep besides that one large room she found with all the beds, but she could do that later.

She walked down the sterile isle, one that was comparably as white as the rooms her Nobody, Naminé liked to inhabit, examining the carts but finding that most were completely devoid of any materials. And there was that ever-present, obnoxious and continuous flat lining in the background that was a bit unsettling.
Tags: !complete, !night 007, #ghosts, kairi (kingdom hearts), sora (kingdom hearts)
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