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just put me back in the other way! (active, open)

Characters: Mike Teavee, Gregory House, anybody who wants to bother the kid.
Setting: the entrance room.
Time: night 007, the late-first-part/close-to-middle of the night.
Summary: Mike enters the house; Dr. House enters, as well.
Warnings: an upset smart aleck?

Mike lolled on the cold marble. His perception awakened, albeit at a snail’s pace, and the floor close to his mouth fogged when the boy exhaled. Wait, marble? Mike did not recall the TELEVISION CHOCOLATE room contained marble floors. He touched his shoulder with a groan; stiff, from the cold. For how long was he unconscious?

The boy stared at the floor, with his eyes half-closed. Black. Everything was black. Mike opened his eyes at once, and scrambled to stand. A moment passed when he realized that the void was due to what covered his eyes. Mike removed the goggles; now, a clear image of his surroundings was at hand.

Not the chocolate factory.

Was he in the television? Did the teleportation device transport him? The boy did not remember the fancy preparation that occurred when the crazy candy man demonstrated the machine’s power. Mike only pressed the red button on the control board, and vaulted over it…

"Hey!" his voice echoed in the sparsely decorated room. No response. He scanned his environment, in an attempt to find signs of the other people on the factory tour. "Dad? Dad? Skeleton kid? Old man? … idiot?"

Mike turned around, and spotted the giant oak door. He reached for the handle, and twisted it. Nothing. He turned the doorknob with more vigor, nevertheless, it provided the same result. With apparent frustration on his face, Mike continued to rattle the knob and began to push the door with his free hand.

"Is anybody here?" the boy glanced over his left shoulder and pressed the door with the right. The door did not budge.

"This isn’t funny!" Mike shouted, and kicked the door before he turned his back to it. With a grunt, he crossed his arm on top of his chest. Not being able to accomplish the simple task of opening a door irritated the boy more than being in this mysterious house.
Tags: !incomplete, !night 007, gregory house (house m.d.), mike teavee(charlie & chocolate factory), yosuke hanamura (persona 4)
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