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Whatever goes down must come up? (Complete)

Characters: Anna Marshall
Setting: Doll Bathroom
Time: Night 007, at the VERY beginning
Summary: Anna's been wanting her bug out for months, but she definitely didn't want it to come out this way. XP
Warnings: Nastiness and vomiting. >:

The pain wasn't too bad, at first; Anna hardly noticed it. After all, the insect had been inside her for weeks now, if not months, and it hadn't stayed still that whole time. Now, though.... Now there were sharp, stabbing pains that reminded her a little of getting her period (it wasn't time for that yet, thank God) and a little of just plain being sick, with nausea to match; her stomach churned unpleasantly as the pain grew. Anna hurried for the bathroom, shutting the door firmly behind her as the pain grew ragged and rhythmic, and the nausea flared considerably. She was soon finding the sensation horribly familiar, as the movement suddenly became sensible and provided a mental image in her mind. She remembered the tube forced down her throat, the horrible legs skittering over her tongue, the bug going down.....

Her stomach twisted and heaved violently; Anna dropped to her knees in front of the toilet, notebook falling from her hands while she stuffed her hair down into her collar to keep it from getting in the way, even as she was sick. She fell against the bowl chest-first, one hand planted on the ground to support herself, while the other clutched at her throat in agony. It took what felt like a heinously long time, even if it was hastened and helped along by her body's spasms; Anna coughed, choked, and vomited repeatedly, emptying her stomach into the toilet until all she could manage was acidic dry heaves and splatters of blood, streaming out from her freshly ravaged throat as the insect forced itself slowly up her esophagus, tiny metallic limbs clawing away at her insides.

And finally, it was over; she could feel the weight, the terrible taste and smell of the bug as it clambered up into her mouth, sickly-slick with blood and acid and bile. She spat it out, wanting nothing more than to scream; it splashed into the toilet, swimming helplessly around in the mess for a moment before it gained purchase on the bowl. It scurried up and over the toilet seat, leaving a dripping, disgusting trail as it leapt to the floor and disappeared into the woodwork. Anna watched it go, vision blurred by tears, and spent a long while catching her breath before she managed to force herself to stand up and flush.

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Tags: !complete, !night 007, anna marshall (soprano sorceress)
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