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I've been sleeping a thousand years, it seems (Active/Closed)

Characters: Zetsu, Stella Telmes
Setting: Fairy Bedroom
Time: Sunset Day 007 → Night 007
Summary: Zetsu's bug comes out! :o Luckily, Stella's there to help. ♥
Warnings: Um..... gore?

Hibernation is not something a person easily awakens from, especially when they're familiar with what's going on around them. Zetsu had lived with the insect in his stomach for quite a while now, several weeks, and was used to its uncomfortable and even painful movements inside of him. That was perhaps why he slept through the initial part of its activities, breathing growing increasingly ragged with pain as it began scratching and scuttling, squirming past what it could and starting to dig through what it couldn't.

His eyes peeled open with a groan soon enough, greeted by darkness, relative warmth, and a burning pain centered in his abdomen, where he could feel the insect busily working away. The exhaustion was palpable, hanging over him thick and freezing like an icy-soaked down comforter, lead weighing down his limbs and head. He would have loved nothing more than to go back to sleep, but the pain wouldn't let him--and he was finding, with something like terror, that he could barely move. He could barely even panic properly--it was largely psychological horror that played itself out now, as his heartbeat still plodded along, so slowly he might have seemed still asleep, having a hard time getting enough air to accommodate being awake at all.

Noises of effort turned into a long, guttural whine as the pain increased exponentially. Zetsu squirmed urgently, hardly even thinking, pure effort and a flood of adrenaline forcing stiff, deathly cold muscles into halting cooperation that his body really wasn't ready for. He managed to push himself out of his nest of blankets at least, crawl-lurching out into the freezing air of the room proper and staggering towards the door. The panic-fueled motion gave out at that point, resisted by the chill in the air and the damage being done inside him; still-weak limbs buckled beneath him, and he collapsed near the door, crying out in pain as the insect reached the outer wall of muscle and flesh to begin tunneling through it.
Tags: !complete, !night 007, stella telmes (tales of legendia), zetsu (naruto)
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