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Makoto Itou

Kill your senses [Complete]

Characters: Makoto Itou, lots of monsters.
Setting: EVERYWHERE EVER Gold Bathroom → Copper Bathroom
Time: Early Night 007
Summary: Makoto has a magical encounter with TOILETHAND and then a bunch of other hauntings all just to go to the bathroom. :|
Warnings: tl;dr?

When night had fallen, Makoto had been in the laundry room. The fact was not lost on him - there was no window in the laundry room itself, the bathroom next to it did, and he had made a habit of occassionally peering out into the room to try and check the time. By time he'd finished with everything, the skies had darkened. Still, with no immediate threats to be seen, he was able to keep his composure. As much as one could keep their composure in a haunted house, anyhow. He still found himself looking this way and that, head turning sharply and jumping at things that weren't there, movements that he'd thought he'd seen...

But he was managing well enough, or at least he had been up until the point that he wandered back into the gold bathroom. He was about ready to leave, intending to only quickly use the toilet before moving on, but something....unexpected came up as he lifted the lid. Unexpected coming in the form of a hand popping out of the toilet grasping at him and nearly successfully catching hold of Makoto even as he stumbled back, emitting a small cry and proceeding to fall flat on his ass. He had no time to reflect on how fortunate he was just to have his pants still up before he head the noise of someone - no, something moving, having had caught notice of him from the hallway that he now sat just behind.

For a split second his entire body froze up, and Makoto was sure that he was going to die, but he regained control enough to roll onto his hands and knees and begin to scramble away even as the hideous monster began to home in on the source of the noise. He didn't get a good look at it, though what he was covered in bandages and looking to have been dipped in some sort of white powder. The shape might have been vaguely humanoid, but he wasn't entirely sure, he was far too concerned with pushing himself to his feet as he tried to get away from the monsters, nearly tripping on his way up as he did so. He somehow managed to avoid getting torn apart, the monsters stopping their chase at some point after he'd reached the greenhouse, though what awaited him there wasn't much better.

There was...blood...everywhere. He felt sick at the sight, wanting to throw up right then and there in the snow. Now he did lock up, eyes widening in shock and horror as he took in the sight. All over the walls and doors, it was too dark to make out much, but some of them had taken the form of handprints and...dripping? He felt a warm liquid falling onto him. He slowly, but surely craned his head back to locate the source, and immediately wished he hadn't.

Blood...all over the ceiling. His eyes widened further, and for several long moments he could only stare as the blood dripped down, a drop falling onto his forehead, before a scream finally escaped him, the horrible sight too much to bear. He ran as fast as he coul through the greenhouse, tripping over his own two feet and falling face-first into the snow on more than one occasion (some of it was more than red to oh god--) and successfully covering himself in snow. By time he reached the end he was cold and wet, but he didn't care, all he cared about by then was getting away from the blood that was dripping from the walls and ceiling and covering every square inch of glass and--

The grand room was surprisingly normal at a glance, at least in appearance. It was a slight relief...for all of thirty seconds, anyway, before he began to hear the deep breaths that chilled him to his core more than the snow and cold ever could. Where--!? He looked around more than once, searching for the source and eventually finding that it was the furniture itself. The furniture was breathing, gasping for air, and it'd been sinking a couple nights ago and then there'd been those strange shadow creatures lurking beneath and now it was breathing.

He had no idea how that was possible, and quite frankly he didn't want to know. It should have been impossible and it was terrifying, that was all that he needed to know as he quickly passed through, avoiding the furniture the best he could. Right, right, good news, good news. There was a bathroom right there. Good. Just. He'd just get past the breathing furniture and he'd be fine.

Or perhaps not. The doll bathroom held much to be desired. He'd only gotten a few steps in before he noticed how off some of the dolls that decorated the room. They were always creepy, but there was definitely something different about them now. They looked more some strange creatures that had somehow managed to peel the doll's nonexistent skin off and wear it in spite of it's being a couple sizes too small. It didn't take long for them to prove malicious, either as they tried to tear at his legs and ankles and successfully leaving a few cuts as a result before he could get out of the room and shut the door shut behind him, breathing deeply, almost in tune with the rhythmic breathing of the furniture itself.

Right. Up the stairs. Upstairs there as--there was definitely something up there, too. He hoped from a respite from the chaos that had thus far assaulted him as well, but that naive hope was quickly crushed as he began to move down the hallway, forced to dodge past hands grabbing at him, something that he somehow managed to do. By now he could feel his legs wanting to buckle underneath him, the burst of adrenaline that had helped him to initially begin sprinting across the house having had died out long ago, but still he pressed on, getting grabbed by the hands at one point and somehow barely managing to pull away and avoid getting pulled under the door to the dark bedroom.

Then, finally, the copper bathroom. Avoiding more reaching hands and slamming the door behind him, the combined experiences having had left his heart racing, eyes wide, an overwhelming fear still shooting through him, but still there was some relief as he pressed his back against the bathroom door and took several deep breaths. The bathroom wasn't safe, but obviously safer and he could take care of everything and he could finally use the goddamned bathroom.

Only...he was finding that he didn't actually need to do so anymore.

Tags: !complete, !night 007, #monsters, *moving around, makoto itou (school days)
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