Julius Belmont (call_me_j) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Julius Belmont

Oh noes! (Anna/J) (Active)

Characters: Julius, Anna
Setting: Grand Room
Time: Just after midnight
Summary: Anna meets a paranoid J; bad things ensue.
Warning: Death, gore likely. Maybe angst after the fact. All depends, really.

It was just after midnight, and J was well on his way to making it through the night alive. Replenishing his supplies really did help; even the nameless alloy monstrosities were doing their jobs, allowing him to conserve more precious ammunition for situations that required it.

He was wiping blood off of one of those new knives when he heard approaching footsteps. Curious - and feeling a distinct twinge of the kind of paranoia that usually foretold trouble - he turned, to see Anna entering the room.

Anna. The witch. ...shit.
Tags: !night 007, anna marshall (soprano sorceress), julius belmont (castlevania)
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