Sekai Saionji (lefttotheworld) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Sekai Saionji

Romeo and Juliet [Complete]

Characters: Sekai Saionji and Makoto Itou
Setting: Theatre
Time: Night 007, a bit after midnight
Summary: Makoto meets a paranoid Sekai? Lulz ensue. Really. :|
Warnings: Violence and death! Caitlin's writing is melodramatic.

Sekai was horrified to be frank. She'd just been cutting through the grand ballroom, to move across the house...when she'd seen the ghosts. A lot of them, all dancing in the room. It felt like it would put her in a trance, like there was something almost magical about it, but...but she wouldn't trust it. It was something horrible, just like the rest of this house. Something bad was going to happen, something was going to...

So she'd ducked into the closest room. A door she had never seen there before, a door she didn't recognise or have any idea where it'd gone. And it was...a theatre.

It was beautiful, and she'd begun to slowly walk through it, admiring everything before she eventually came to a sudden, violent halt in the middle of it as she saw the blood, the bodies ohgod and the horror strewn across the stage. Sudden, violent flashbacks, and her stepping back, mind racing and trying to figure out just what might have caused this, why there was something so horrible here again, if it was safer out among those horrible ethereal dancers, if maybe...

Honestly, she felt like she was going to be sick, even as she forced herself to move up, closer, and start to step up toward the stage in silence and fear...
Tags: !character death, !complete, !night 007, makoto itou (school days), sekai saionji (school days)
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