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NINJA ROBOT PANTS (Irrelevant title courtesy of Infy and Muff.) [Complete]

Characters: Roxas
Setting: attic
Time: Day 007, late afternoon
Summary: After death by Rayne, Roxas wakes up in the attic. He panics a little, is a bit angry and confused, and sets out to make things right again. right as they're ever going to be.
Warnings: ...Roxas? XD;

Roxas had always wondered what happened to a Nobody after they died. Did they join with their Other's heart wherever it was? Did they just simply fade out of existence? Did they have some sort of afterlife? Was their time walking amongst the Hearts they so desperately craved an afterlife in and of itself?

However, for the second time in too short a period of time for his liking, Roxas found himself somewhere he did not expect. The first time around he had been giving up his life, his mockery of an existence to help his Other and this time...he was supposed to be dead. Since the boy didn't know what was going to happen to him, he had assumed that since he was a Nobody he would fade out of existence without a trace - leaving no signs behind that he had ever lived. He didn’t believe there was an afterlife for their kind and if they were to somehow join with their lost hearts he didn't see how that would work for him. His heart was still with his Other.

He was sure, he was SO sure he had died. How could he have not with the wounds he had sustained? Rayne had plunged her blade into his throat. He'd choked on his own blood. There was no way he could still be alive. There was no way he could have survived that.

But here he was...wherever "here" was in the first place. Was he still in the house? This was an attic, wasn't it?

The blond carefully sat up clenching his hands - noticing that his wrist was not broken, his shoulder was no longer screaming, his legs were as they should have been and obviously, there was no hole in his throat. was this possible? How could he have died and still be here?

The notion that he was still alive made him more uncomfortable than it should have, but it was just another wonderful slap in the face. Something else to show him that he had no control over anything, not even his own life.

He was still just a Key and this house seemed determined to make him understand that and it wasn't going to stop until it got whatever it wanted out of him.

What did this place want from him? He didn't want to be alive, he didn't want to exist if this was what he had to look forward to. He didn't ask for any of this, he never wanted any of this.

...He never wanted to hurt her...
Tags: !complete, !day 007, roxas (kingdom hearts)
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