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Excuse me while I fall apart [Active/Private]

Characters: Zero Kiryuu, Kallen, Chopper, Zero, Rayne, Hellhounds
Setting: Crystal Dining Room
Time: middle to late Night 001
Summary: Zero, taken over by his blood lust, ends up attacking Kallen. The rescue might just prove more complicated as expected as the Hellhounds howl.
Warnings: blood, monsters, vampire, gore, violence

Zero's breath came in heavy, shuddering gasps, the sound loud even over the far off noise of construction work. Moments ago there had been other sounds. The tinkling song of breaking glass and the shattering crash of china, the ripping hiss of velvet and bursting of wood.

He was sitting there, quietly now but for his sobbing breath, cramped fingers clawed around his throat, huddling in the far corner of what once had been a splendid dining room. The boy was still shaking softly, the after effects of cramps and twisting intestines making him tremble. His teeth were aching badly, stuck somewhere between even rowed and deadly fanged.

Violet eyes, hued red, darted restlessly over the chaos he had wrought in the last few minutes, tinged with the first glitters of madness.

He still was aware, still in control, though Zero could feel that other side rage within him. Urging him, screaming at him, tearing at his sanity with claws and fangs and demanding that it be let out. Let out of this room, let out of this body, let out to roam the halls, to tear and shatter as it has done here and sate itself on the blood it could smell so keenly now.

So sweet.

The boy shook his head, trying to force the thoughts away, the instinct that had made him salivate, made his tongue taste the air and the faintest trace of blood on it, made him moan faintly in ecstasy at the very thought of hunting.
His hands clawed unconsciously at his neck, where the seal burned purple and red against his skin.

He would not give in, he would not give in, he would not...
Tags: !night 001, #monsters, kiryuu zero (vampire knight), koukuzi kallen (code geass), rayne (bloodrayne), tony tony chopper (one piece), zero (mega man zero)
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