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George Samuel John JAAAAYSUS Timothy Eats Cake in Threadzilla [COMPLETE]

Characters: Namine, Roxas
Setting: Library
Time: Day 007, a little afte Roxas wakes up in the attic.
Summary: Roxas angsts over being a cause of Namine’s kidnapping. They meet by chance and awkwardness ensues.
Warnings: Roxas angst. Namine angst. Possible B’AWW. Epic OP fail.

Why did he come here?

Roxas knew that it wasn’t just to pick out some more books. He had plenty of them in his room strewn across the floor – out of place, out of order, out of control. Nothing was how it was supposed to be and nothing ever would be. He was a Key, he was a tool…

He was such a fool.

Really, Roxas couldn’t have known what that boy was going to do with what he told him. He hadn’t expected him to do anything with it. How was he supposed to have known that just by the mere mention of Rayne and Namine’s names in the same sentence would condemn her?

Rayne was right. Even if she had done something to that boy, he was the one who gave him the information he needed. However accidental it was, it was his fault. How was he going to face Namine after this? How could he look her in the eye knowing what he had inadvertently done?

His fingers brushed over the spines of the books on the shelves as he walked, his eyes focused on the titles as he if could somehow pull all the answers he wanted, no needed by looking at them with enough determination. Roxas knew that the answers he needed would never be found in these books and he felt it would almost be pointless to keep looking for them. What use would there be in searching anymore? It was clear that there had been nothing special about him after all. He was just a pathetic cog in someone else’s machine.

Tearing his eyes away from the shelf, he realized that he had been clenching his other fist so hard that it had tuned his knuckles completely white. Slowly he opened his hand, staring at the deep imprints his fingernails had made on his palm and watching as the redness slowly started to recede. They’d be gone soon enough and they wouldn’t leave a trace of their existence behind.

How fitting.
Tags: !complete, !day 007, naminé (kingdom hearts), roxas (kingdom hearts)
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