Haruhi Fujioka (tactlessheroine) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Haruhi Fujioka

Lullaby for a stormy night. [Active/Open]

Characters: Haruhi Fujioka, anyone~
Setting: Crystal Dining Room.
Time: Night 007, 1:00 am.
Summary: Haruhi hides as the thunderstorm begins.
Warnings: Irrational fears, probably some angst.

The night wore on -- and Haruhi realized, as her stomach began to growl, that she still hadn't found anything to eat. She definitely wasn't going back to the pantry -- the frozen woman's ghost still lingered fresh in her memory, making her shudder -- and the closest place she could think to go was the kitchen on the first floor.

Cautious and quiet, Haruhi crept into the Crystal Dining Room. As childish as it seemed, she found herself staring blindly into dim corners, afraid they might conjure another monster while she looked the other way. The sound of construction was still loud, which made it awfully hard to hear if any ghosts were near, so sight was really all she had to go by -- but if anyone else was with her, they weren't making themselves obvious. Most of the creatures seemed noticeable as soon as you entered the room; immediately, she thought of the thousands of eyes embedded into the walls of the Rose Hallway. The bedroom she shared with Hikaru and Kaoru was in that stretch, and Haruhi, admittedly, had avoided going back since nightfall.

Just one more room, she thought; she would find something to eat, and go back to hiding until morning came again.

Haruhi had only gotten a few steps into the dining room before a bright static lighting flash stopped her in her tracks, dramatized by the large windows along the walls. A sharp roll of thunder quickly followed, and fear ran through her body like an electric current, popping at her fingertips and feet; she screamed, but threw her hands over her mouth a second later, muffling the sound. She wasn’t alone. She had to remember that -- there were monsters here. If they heard her...

She flinched as another flash lit up the empty room, pursued once more by an angry snarl, louder and stronger than the last. She had to hold her breath to prevent herself from yelling again, but her heart beat wildly against her chest, as if threatening to burst. Not now, was all she could think -- Not now, not now. She had to get out of here. She had to hide.

Haruhi dove beneath the first thing she saw -- which, evidentially, was the long table in the center of the room -- accidentally knocking a few chairs out of place in her haste. Shutting her eyes tight, Haruhi sat with her knees against her chest, trembling hands still clamped to her mouth to try and stifle any other cries that escaped her lips.
Tags: !incomplete, !night 007, *acedia, haruhi fujioka (ouran high host club), shilo wallace (repo! the genetic opera)
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