Dojima Nanako (justiceforjunes) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Dojima Nanako

Fear has never been this close [Active, Open]

Characters: Nanako Dojima justiceforjunes, OPEN
Setting: Entryway
Time: Night 007, about 1:35 AM
Summary: Nanako arrives at the house... and proceeds to get scared. Help is needed.
Warnings: Scary crap, upset little girl, awkwardness.

Nanako cracked an egg over the frying pan, hearing it sizzle as it made contact. "Dad!" she called, "Hurry up! You're going to be late!" She was standing on a stool, the stove still a bit too high for the girl to reach. She moved off it a moment to check the toast as her dad walked into the kitchen, yawning. "Coffee's ready for you," she said, her dad mumbling his thanks as he sat down. Buttering the toast after it popped up, Nanako set it aside before hurrying to get back to the eggs. However, as she placed one foot on the stool, it slipped from under her, sending her falling. She heard her dad call her name before her back hit the floor, eyes closing on instinct at the impact.

"Ow!" Nanako cried, feeling light pain lance up her spine. She opened her eyes again... only to find darkness. Slowly, she sat up, rubbing her eyes to make sure she hadn't hit them with something on the way down. As her eyes adjusted, there a flash of lightning outside a window, making the girl jump a bit. The young girl stood up, her legs a little shaky, but she eventually regained her balance, trying to look around. However, it was pitch black, and it was slowly starting to sink in that she wasn't home anymore. At least, not her home. "D-dad?" she called, soft at first, then a bit louder, "Daddy?!" An ethereal, unearthly moan was the only reply, making the girl cry out and shrink back a few steps. She didn't like this; why wasn't she home? Where was her dad? Why was it storming?

And what was that thing that just slithered over her foot?

Screaming, Nanako fell down on her rear, scooting back till she felt her back hit a wall, her eyes filling with tears. Her whole form was shaking as she groped along the wall, trying to find something, anything... and finding a doorknob. Pulling herself up, she quickly opened the door and walked in, closing it behind her. Of course, there was blackness again, and she felt around, trying to figure out where she was. Fingertips met hangers and jackets, and she realized she was in a closet. She walked till she hit the back wall, her hands finding an umbrella. Turning around, the girl faced the door, her small hands gripped around the umbrella and ready to hit anyone -or anything- that opened the door. "Daddy," she whispered, sniffling as tears rolled down her cheeks, "Big Bro... Mommy... I'm scared... I'm so scared..."

For the first time ever, Nanako couldn't smile. Because in this case, she knew there was nothing to smile about.
Tags: !night 007, nanako dojima (persona 4), yosuke hanamura (persona 4)
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