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Tiny Heart [Active/Open]

Characters: Saya, Sasori
Setting: Theater
Time: Night 007, at some point after the lights go out
Summary: Saya finds the theater and a wild Sasori appears!
Warnings: Saya.

Saya had found herself wanting to be alone in her bedroom after finding out what had happened to Zetsu, a task that was manageable only due to the fact that her bedroom was connected to a bathroom. That saved her the effort of having to make constant trips to the kitchen. Still, aside from the minor unpleasantness of having her bug come out, little of interest had happened. The lights had gone out as well, but she had no trouble seeing in the dark and the abnormal thunderstorm could only hold her attention for so long. After awhile she had grown bored and started to occassionally venture out on her own, simply looking for something to do or someone to scare. The latter was sounding better and better, especially now that night had fallen - the night had always been her playground, after all, just as it was the other monsters in this house.

Unfortunately for her, no one seemed to be immediately available. Eventually she had found herself wandering through the new house, noting the dancing ghosts and the music that accompanied them. Failing to find the source of the music and finding the ghosts harmless and intangible, she moved on into what appeared to be another new addition. She'd already seen the projector room, but the theater was certainly new. It'd left her awestruck for several moments, having had never seen a theater for herself at all, much less one so refined. Of course there were images, TV, and what her own mind could piece together, but seeing one for herself was different.

The stage as so large and capable of housing so many people. That seemed to explain the number of bodies laying around the stage and in the orchestra pit, though it seemed odd that the dogs hadn't come to clean up. Maybe they were just busy tonight. She didn't really think much of it as she crouched down next to one of the previous residents. She wondered what monsters had gotten them and where those monsters had gone. She wondered how they tasted, too, and whether or not they were safe to eat. So many questions, so few answers, but maybe she could fix that~
Tags: !night 007, akasuna no sasori (naruto), saya (saya no uta)
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