Stella Telmes (goldenteriques) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Stella Telmes

Stop me before I bleed [Active/Open]

Characters: Stella Telmes, Shilo Wallace, the Voice, open
Setting: The Mother's Study
Time: Night 007, 1:30 (start)
Summary: Stella hears the Voice's plight, drama ensues?
Warnings: Plot.

Stella was fortunate enough to have gone through the night with relatively few problems. She had a few unpleasant encounters in the secondary house, but those were more...upsetting than actually harmful. Seeing that people, probably once residents of this very house had been pushed to the point of choosing suicide over any further attempts to escape was upsetting in itself, but that they couldn't escape even in death was heartbreaking. No one deserved to suffer like that, especially not in a place like this. She still held the aquamarine that she'd gained from the pool, carrying it in one of the two small pouches that hung off to either side, looking down to and delicately touching the one that held it as she went down the hallway. She'd already heard the message, the voice of that young woman...

They had been alive. She refused to believe otherwise just as firmly as she refused to accept the notion of the dead coming back to life, of letting that be her excuse to keep from worrying about the well being of others. She couldn't do that, had never been able to. Part of being a crystal eren, a healer was caring for the well being of others. So it was that she had taken it upon herself to once again pass through the house, as much to search for anyone else that might have been in need of help as to try and see if the few people that she had met in this house were doing well. Unfortunately, she'd found herself unable to find any of them, including Zetsu, who appeared to be absent from his room.

She did hope that nothing had happened to them, though she was willing enough to accept that it was a large house with several bedrooms that she didn't care to invade and considering she'd only managed to see so much of the house to begin with, it was only natural to assume that there would be times that she wouldn't be able to find them. She supposed she should have been more concerned about the thunderstorm, as unusual as it was. The lighting couldn't even be quite called lighting, in spite of the thunder that accompanied it, it was more like the sky had been torn open in several spaces. To add to the night's abnormalities was that as she was walking down the hallway, sweeping past the normally quiet study, she heard what she thought she heard a woman's shrieking.

That definitely qualified as something that required her attention and so she wasted no time moving into the study and scanning the room for the source of the obvious struggle, wincing at the sound of another piercing shriek, desperately beginning to try and force the door to the nursery open even as she heard the apologies and desperate begging.
Tags: !incomplete, !night 007, #the lanternkeeper, *acedia, shilo wallace (repo! the genetic opera), stella telmes (tales of legendia)
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