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Projector, Projector, on the Wall [Active/Closed]

Characters: Namine, Roxas.
Setting: Briefly Grand Ballroom, transitions through the Twisted Hallway to the Projector Room.
Time: Night 007, fairly early.
Summary: Namine stops to have a look at the dancing ghosts, then moves on to the Twisted Hallway. Roxas shows up. Awkward and emo ensue.
Warnings: Emo, awkward, possible cute. 

 It had been an easy night.

Well, sort of.  As far as the house's behavior was concerned, it had been an easy night, so far.  There hadn't been any monsters in any of the parts of the house Namine frequented, and although the eyes in one of the hallways and the worms in the other and numerous other distressing visuals made her feel rather queasy, they were decidedly preferable to things that actively attempted to eat her.

  As for its inhabitants?  Well... they seemed to be making their own trouble.

  Seeing Roxas had set Namine back to lurking about the Daffodil bedroom.  Going out with Rayne to survey the house's current status had... been rather a mixed blessing.  It got her out for a moment, but on the other hand, it became a considerably less pleasant experience once their travels lead them to the projector room.  Rayne had been... upset, and that had upset Namine.  It hadn't helped that right after that, one of Namine's own skeletons had been let out of the closet.

  But she couldn't stay in her room forever.

  No matter how much safer it seemed, no matter how much she wanted to just curl up under the covers, she knew she had to get out sometimes.  She had to keep moving.  She had to do something, anything, to clear her mind.

  ...Hah.  The last time she'd said that, she'd ended up meeting Roxas.

  It hadn't exactly helped.

  Her excuse to herself this time, her attempt to beat her reservations into giving way, was the same as the last -- food.  Tonight was an 'easy' night.  Tonight, she was free to travel, to get food without having to take from the stockpile.  It seemed such a shame, such a crime to take from the stockpile during the day, or on a night like this.  Sometimes she felt almost as if some entity was watching over her shoulder, and that its disapproval was to be avoided.  This was silly, of course -- she chalked it up to her own conscience harping at her.  Nevertheless, it seemed the best idea to go 'out' to eat, when she could.  And so, she'd left the room, hurried down the hall to escape the eyes, and gone downstairs.  She'd originally been intended to make her way to the kitchen -- it was what she was used to.  But, passing the path to the 'other' house, she'd stopped.

  There was food that way, too, if she recalled correctly.  A cafeteria.  She hadn't seen much of it, the first time she was in that part of the house with Rayne earlier that night.  Tilting her head a little as she regarded the direction as if she could see all the way to the red dining hall, she turned the prospect over in her mind.

  ...It was something new, at least.  She knew it was safe to go that way, and, well, the breathing furniture was kind of creeping her out.  The ghosts in the ballroom, while shocking at first, at least did not express any intention of harm.  When inanimate objects started performing respiration, you just didn't know what was going to happen next.  Ghost people seemed, somehow, more predictable.  And so she decided to go the path less travelled -- at least by her.

  The little blonde girl slowed her pace as she entered the Grand Ballroom.  It was a very nice area.  Very well-built, very pretty, very... inspiring.  And music -- the music was a welcome sound, compared to the construction noises that filled the house at night and the silence that filled it during the day.  Possibly the most pleasant sound that she'd heard come from anything in the house, besides the voices of its inhabitants -- nothing made one feel safe quite like the presence of another person in a time of fear.

  Despite the fact that the ghosts paid her no mind, she could not help skirting the room to stay out of their way, almost like the wallflower that she almost certainly would have been, had she actually participated in such an event with other people of her stage of life -- that is, living.  More or less.

  Her progress was slow, although guarded, just in case one of the ghosts decided to change its mind about her presence.  A party....  It made her wonder what it would be like to go to one, herself.  With a twinge, she realized that that would probably never happen.  Sure, the living inhabitants of the house could probably have put something together, but they would have no music, and probably no spirit.  She would not be the one to organize such a thing, to be certain.  And, come to think of it, (the little weight in her chest that had developed at the first disparaging thought grew a little heavier) she would not have had anyone to go with.  Rayne probably wouldn't have been interested in that kind of thing, and Roxas...

  Don't think about him.

  Shaking her head so that the soft strands of blonde hair brushed across her face and ears, she swiftly forced the thought from her mind as best she could.  Just... concentrate on the task at hand.  No sense letting her imagination run away with her.  It could only make things worse.

  Passing out of the Grand Ballroom with one lingering backward glance, Namine stepped into the Twisted Hallway, trying to ignore the sense of vertigo that quickly rushed to turn her mind from its previous occupation. 
Tags: !complete, !night 007, naminé (kingdom hearts), roxas (kingdom hearts)
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