Riccardo Belli (invasivexam) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Riccardo Belli

Timing [Incomplete]

Characters: Riccardo Belli, anyone who wants to find him?
Setting: Entrance room
Time: Day 008, dawn?
Summary: Riccardo arrives! And is not happy.
Warnings: Raeg. Also fail post.

Riccardo had been on his way to check up on Fiona – who, by all means, should have awoken by then, anyway – when he slipped. He didn't know on what, or if it was just a brief moment of clumsiness or failure on his part (not that he’d really ever admit to either), but the point remained that he did slip. He managed to catch himself quickly enough, though, before he ended up hitting the floor, and straightened himself up as his eyes glanced up from underneath his hood, taking a swift, calculating look around this strange room.

...but this looked nothing like anything on the Belli castle grounds. No, there was no way it could be anywhere in the castle; manor or otherwise. There was no way he could have ended up in an unfamiliar entrance way when he'd just been about to enter a basement area where he’d been keeping his niece under lock and key.

"Is this some kind of trick?" he called, voice lined with the beginnings of a bubbling anger already, though he didn’t particularly imagine he would receive any response, whether someone could hear him or not, even if he half expected to find the old man behind this, in some way. It certainly couldn’t have been the girl in anyway, especially now that that annoying mutt was out of the way for good. He should have taken care of the old man much sooner, when he'd had the chance to...

He turned to the entrance, though, giving the door a quick look over, before trying it; locked, it seemed. Something that he was more or less used to finding, but not something that was any more welcome because of that fact. He tried once more, to be sure, before delivering a swift punch to the door – it didn’t even budge. That was even more aggravating…

Something was definitely wrong here. He would have to find whoever was behind this and demand – using force, if necessary – some answers to this.
Tags: !day 008, !incomplete, *acedia, damon gant (ace attorney), gale (digital devil saga), riccardo belli (haunting ground)
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