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The Fire Sermon [Active, Closed]

Characters: Machi Tobaye, Kairi Nolastname.
Setting: Cricket Bedroom
Time: Night 007? At some point? Ffff Sheryl, tell me when to put this. :|
Summary: Machi is pretty much confined to bed and not really all there, but lo! A Kairi finds him. Stuff happens.
Warnings: Um. Rotting Machi is still rotting, also gaping (but bandaged) abdominal wound? Also possible cute and/or bitterness. Depending.

Machi had been drifting in and out of consciousness since Anna had left him, losing time in chunks and days, falling somewhere between pain and nothingness and occasionally sleeping, though sleep and unconsciousness blended together, differentiated only by dreams. It hurt. When he was awake--aware--even partially, the pain was excruciating and dominated his thoughts, the smallest movement sending it radiating through his body, preventing him from drawing breath easily or falling back into sleep easily. In a weird way, though, a twisted sort of way, he was starting to get used to pain.

He'd been in pain before, obviously, before the... masked, before--no, Before--the house itself, but it hadn't been so constant, so intense, or so extensive. Even dying had been mostly fast, even the first time, but this was... first after the... the... Machi himself couldn't think about it clearly or directly, with the masks and the light and the metal and the blood and--but after the experiments, that had been... it had been different and constant, agonising. The human mind has limits, and he was running up against his, walking a line along it, and his physical perception of pain was starting to change, to become less and more. This could be either good or bad, he couldn't really tell. Hazy, disoriented, and in pain, he fell in and out of consciousness, visited only occasionally by Lamiroir and--once--the masked while conscious and lingering dimly between states at others.
Tags: !complete, !night 007, kairi (kingdom hearts), machi tobaye (ace attorney)
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