Mio Amakura (lingeringscent) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Mio Amakura

I wish I had a metal heart [Active/Closed]

Characters: Mio Amakura, Zetsu, Itsuki Koizumi
Setting: Small Library
Time: Night 007
Summary: ...idk stuff happens.
Warnings: FailOP? Otherwise, we'll see.

Mio wasn't sure what'd caused her to venture back into the small library, tugging Zetsu along with her, only that she didn't regret doing so. Inspecting a few of the papers in the room revealed them to be nothing but gibberish and pointless lines. She was distinctly reminded of the third night, during which the papers in the mother's study had all been written on in a language that no one in the house knew, or at least that's what she'd come to assume. Neither she, nor Zetsu, nor Mewtwo had been able to make heads or tails of what had been written on them, after all.

She said nothing to her companion about the papers as she set them back on the table. It felt strange not to say something, to ask him his opinion, after going to him about anything she'd seen or heard for so long, but right now...seemed like a bad time. He still seemed so out of it, it just seemed best not to bother him about it for now. It could wait until later, when he was feeling better...she had told him about the crystals and the Voice, but...those things were more important, especially the latter. Admittedly she still hadn't told him everything about them, either, but that...that was something she wanted to wait until she had his full attention for, since it wasn't directly related to the crystals themselves. It was a more personal question, than anything. She hoped he wouldn't mind being asked...

She shook her head, dismissing that thought for now as she stared down at the couple papers set out on the small writing table and raised the viewfinder, leaning over the table, shifting her position and fiddling with the zoom before snapping a photograph. She wasn't sure if it would help, but everything would probably back to normal the next day and she wanted to had some reminder of what the library had contained this night, just in case. Even if it never turned out to be useful, but...wait, had what was written on that paper changed? "What...?" She asked softly, blinking as she looked back from the photograph to the paper. It looked like it might have, but as indistinguishable as the writing was, it was hard to tell.

Only one way to know for sure...she set the photograph she'd taken down and snapped another before holding both side by side. Zetsu was glanced at, just to be sure that he was still there, before her attention went back to the photos she'd taken. They were definitely different. She wondered why that was and what it meant, assuming it did mean something...
Tags: !incomplete, !night 007, koizumi itsuki (melancholy of haruhi), mio amakura (fatal frame), zetsu (naruto)
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