ChibiChibi (teenytiny_bunny) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Down the rabbit hole [Competed]

Characters: ChibiChibi, whoever else wants to find Dollsy's youngest loli evar
Setting: Grand Room
Time: Very early Day 008
Summary: ChibiChibi arrives!
Warnings: Too much cute?

Blue eyes opening, ChibiChibi sat up from where she was laying on the floor. Where… Looking around at the fancy décor and setting, the cerise haired girl slowly climbed to her feet, one hand tightly grasping the arm of a pink stuffed rabbit. This was not where she was supposed to be.

“Ikuko-mama?” She asked, nervously taking a few steps towards the front door. Small hand waving in the air as she tried to grab the doorknob, ChibiChibi jumped up and down after a moment, but to no avail. She was too small to reach the handle. Lips forming a pout as she stepped back, looking up at the door, the girl picked the rabbit up, wrapping an arm around it as she turned around, heading out of the entrance room. “Usagi?”

Hugging the rabbit even closer to her, the small child wandered further into the large room, looking around with wide and nervous eyes. This was certainly not something she had expected to happen after one of her usual falls… For all she knew, this could be a trick by Chaos, or one of her youma. It worried her, and the grown up emotion made her two year old form’s eyes fill with tears, bottom lip trembling. Sniffling quietly to herself, ChibiChibi carefully climbed up onto one of the fancy couches, pulling her knees up to her chest. As much as she couldn’t help but want to, she knew that crying would do her no good… If this was indeed enemy territory, then it would only draw attention to her, which is not something she wanted to do.

Eventually, the tears faded, and a serious and thoughtful look that was far too adult for her young face replaced them. She couldn’t be sure this was a youma trick, especially since she didn’t feel anything evil about this place. Really, she didn’t get many feelings from the house, other than a general unease from the dim light that came in through the windows and the almost deafening sounds of construction. Either way, it was obvious that something was not right, considering how she found herself here, and simply sitting around, trying to deduce what was happening instead of looking around for more clues as to where she was and why would be counterproductive.

Hopping off the couch with a comically determined nod, ChibiChibi drug the rabbit behind her as she headed for the nearest open door, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to open any of the closed ones. Perhaps she would be able to find someone who would be able to tell her where they were... If she could find a way to ask.
Tags: !complete, !day 008, *moving around, chibichibi (sailor moon), fletcher tringham (fullmetal alchemist)
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