Fiona Belli (heiressazoth) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Fiona Belli

Being Haunted by a Whisper [Active/Open]

Characters: Fiona Belli, Hewie, and OPEN
Setting: The Main Area on the First Floor
Time: Day 008
Summary: It's not Belli Castle but she's not out of the woods yet.
Warnings: TBA? Anything can happen.

It hadn't taken long for Hewie to return to her, tail wagging furiously. The dog had surveyed the area while his master was collecting herself, looking around with eyes glued to the various walls. This wasn't Belli Castle, at least not the sections she had been too. "It just doesn't seem right, Hewie," she murmured to him. He shuffled his feet in response, leaning himself against her leg. Bending, she gave him the affection he deserved, a faint smile on her face. "Good boy," she whispered. "Good boy, Hewie."

The dog brushed himself against her once more as she stood and dusted off her skirt, grimacing at its length. "Remind me to fix this," she said to him.

The main hall beckoned her into its folds, the walls tall and pristine. It made her wary, a place like this, but her eyes couldn't leave the woodwork. Perhaps it was her fascination in the architecture of old places...or more likely, her fear had simply not faded yet. The image of glass falling from the ceiling and onto the maid would be something she would keep in her mind for a very long time to come.

But for now, the young woman contented herself to exploring her surroundings, Hewie at her side. The dog didn't seem distressed; he walked around the room and sniffed at the floors, the objects, the furniture...anything he could find. She smiled as he immersed himself in his new home. "Find anything, boy?" she called. He looked at her, barked once, and returned to her side with an empty mouth.

"Nothing," she murmured, stroking his ears. "...At least it's quiet. Peaceful." She sighed. "We'll...just have to keep looking for the way out."
Tags: !day 008, fiona belli (haunting ground), timon (the lion king)
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