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Coming In With The Sunrise [Active/Open]

Characters: Micaiah, Jonouchi
Setting: Entrance Hall
Time: Day 008, Morning
Summary: Micaiah's arrival, and subsequent confusion.
Warnings: TBA. Other than: why is OP so long again?

Her senses were the first things that came back to her: cool marble pressed against her cheek and under her fingers, the general sensation that she was lying on her side somewhere, and a fuzzy, mild sort of headache. As if she'd hit her head somewhere - and, indeed, she had. ... hadn't she? She could remember the horse jerking suddenly underneath her, and the terrifying momentary lurch of balance, and then falling -- and then... "Ow," she muttered, opening her eyes and starting to prop herself up. So she'd probably fallen and hit her head, and was lucky to have only done that, and not broken her neck.

So where was she? Now she was getting a look around her; a large place, probably a lord's manor, judging from the fancy decor and the marble. But... why would she have been left on the floor, after taking a spill off of her horse? She could just barely imagine Sothe's reaction to something like that; oh, and the face he'd make.

Where was he, anyway? For that matter, where was everyone? Or anyone? After all, she was traveling with an entire army, or most of one -- where could they all have gone? You can't just hide an army away in a convenient building. Worry started to build in Micaiah's stomach; if they had just left her on the floor here... and there was nobody around, not even one of the merchants sitting out a battle, goddess forbid there was even a battle... But she couldn't hear the sounds of battle. If it was anywhere nearby she would have. And, if there was a fight, Sothe wouldn't have... her mind was full of the possibilities, frightening and far-fetched. Who would there have even been to fight? The war was over. And her intuition would have told her that something bad was coming.

She pushed herself up with one hand, rolling off of her long red cape, and then stepping on it as she tried to stand - everything was a bit wobbly and shaky (from the knock on the head, she supposed). Standing gave her a better view of the place she was in - and proof that she was alone in it. Which was not completely horrible - at least no one was around to see her lying on the floor and tripping on her own garb. What a Priestess! What a General she would have looked!

"Hello?" She called out, her voice as soft and girlish as it normally was. After calling out, she hesitated, and then stepped towards the door, and tried to pull it open. When it didn't budge, she stared at it. It was locked? She stepped back and stared at it, before turning, the small bells and charms on her dress jangling together. "Hello?" She tried again, louder.
Tags: !day 008, !incomplete, jonouchi katsuya (yugioh!), micaiah (fire emblem)
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