Rayne (blood_n_leather) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

So much torture to do, so little time [Active/Closed]

Characters: Machi, Rayne, possibly Not!Oz
Setting: The Grand Room, and then to the Surgery Room
Time: Early Day 8
Summary: LOL, Machi torture.
Warnings: Very graphic torture. Raile's fan should love this.

Something was bothering her... Something wasn't right. But at the moment, she could care less. She had much more important things to focus on, things she had been planning since the previous 'day.' Eyes barely glowing red in the dark shadows of the hallway as she headed for the Grand Room, Rayne oddly hadn't bothered to bring her blades with her. She hadn't planned on needing them, really. While they were excellent weapons in combat, where deaths had to be quick so she could move onto the next opponent, they would be nearly useless for what she had in mind. Luckily for her, both the surgery room, and the morgue would have all the tools she would need, and then some.

Perhaps not so lucky for Machi, though. Sneering as she neared the Grand Room, Rayne couldn't bring herself to even try and feel guilty for what she was going to do. He had made his choice, and sealed his fate the minute he threatened Namine, and there was no way that the pianist didn't know what was going to happen to him. He was an idiot, but even Rayne knew he wasn't that stupid.

She also assumed that her little revenge wouldn't be known to many other people, considering that if he told others of the consequences of his actions, he would have to tell what brought it on... And if it got out that he had held an innocent girl at gunpoint, especially when the girl was Namine, Rayne knew that she wouldn't be the only one wanting him dead. It was a weight off of her shoulders. She didn't want Namine, or Alfons, knowing what a monster she really was.

Pausing before she entered the Grand Room, Rayne finally realized what it was that was off about this whole situation. There was no jingle of chains, no imagined footsteps next to her. She was completely alone... Her mind wasn't supplying her with phantoms.


She needed all of her full concentration on this task, and seeing her while doing this would be disastrous. Angie had only witnessed her torture someone once, and it had been the last time the blonde had asked to watch. After her own experiences, the sight had been sickening to her. Rayne remembered her having to leave before the dhampir had even been halfway finished with her work.

Shaking her head to clear those thoughts, the redhead wandered into the Grand Room. She had a job to do, and getting distracted with memories wouldn't get it done.
Tags: !day 008, !squick, machi tobaye (ace attorney), rayne (bloodrayne)
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