Gale (honor_tactics) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

You Cannot Fight Your Hunger [Active/Open]

Characters: Gale, OPEN
Setting: The Industrial Sized Kitchen
Time: Day 008, about noon
Summary: Gale hasn't eaten in a while. This is not a good thing.
Warnings: Gale has found the body in the freezer. He's a cannibal. You figure it out. :| Also: beware of potential omnom of characters?

Gale needed to eat. The gripping pain in his stomach had been slowly escalating for hours while he waited for the meat he'd brought out to thaw to the point that he could eat it without breaking any teeth. His human teeth were not meant for such a task, and Vayu's jaws were powerful, but they didn't have the raw crushing power of Agni's. The human corpse was almost ready, and the smaller ones...animals, he realized....were probably already several hours' thawed enough.

He only hoped that Vayu would be patient enough...

It was the same feeling he'd had back in the Junkyard. That gnawing, clawing sensation in his belly, the urge to rend and tear, to get something swallowed down. He knew better now, that rations wouldn't suffice. The demon craved meat. Preferably fresh. But meat was meat, and the smell already seeping into the room was pulling at the same instincts that had gone into overdrive when Cielo had approached him.

He prodded at the flesh of the woman's arm. It seemed thawed enough to glean some muscle from if he ate now. But perhaps eating the smaller avian creatures (chicken, his faint memory suggested) would keep Vayu satisfied long enough to wait. So, armed with a knife, he sliced the flesh from the bone with the accuracy of a butcher, pushing it in his mouth and chewing enough to swallow it down. Gale reined in the urge to frenzy, instead taking his time.

Good. It was taking the edge off, if only slightly. He needed to be more careful in the future, or at least stay close to this area of the house.
Tags: !day 008, !incomplete, gale (digital devil saga), lorenzo belli (haunting ground)
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