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[Good Moe-ni--Morning, Active, Open]

Characters: Patchouli amethyst_meteor, OPEN
Setting: Entrance, 1st Floor
Time: Day 008, very early on, say... 7:05 AM.
Summary: Patchouli arrives, a bit confused, but attempts to fall in as quick as possible.
Warnings: Anything could happen. But probably nothing too extreme.

Where was she? Lost, apparently. At least, that's the first thing she thought of when she arrived wherever it was she was now.

Before she arrived here, she was having an ordinary day -- a very ordinary day, one of the first in a long time. After all, what happened that time with her and Marisa... Now, finally, a break from all of that. She didn't always like Marisa, but some days her companionship was divine, and she could actually call herself happy... more than happy, even... to be with her. The results could be fantastic...

...but that was just a round of saving the world. She wasn't really in Marisa's presence, either. Regardless, she was here now, which was all that mattered. The one spot of normalcy was shattered; she was now stuck at some... big creepy mansion. Well, she was in a big creepy mansion anyway, but this was a different big creepy mansion. Where was this big creepy mansion, anyway? It wasn't in Gensokyo, it seemed. It was a very, very dark place and time right now. It must have been just after midnight.

She wasn't at all afraid of the darkness in the big creepy mansion... but more what could have been there. She listened for a creaking sound that she thought she heard... no, that wasn't a creaking sound. She must have been going nuts.

For now, she just stood there and looked around at how the room was furnished. Weird, she thought, but not unacceptable. For once, she thought of wanting to be in the presence of another; a guide would be very nice, so she could find a library to stay in until she got back home.
Tags: !day 008, !incomplete, *acedia, alphonse elric (fullmetal alchemist), patchouli knowledge (touhou project)
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