Black Leg Sanji (blacklegsanji) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Black Leg Sanji

Enter the Chef [Active, Open]

Characters: Sanji, Sekai Saionji
Setting: Entrance Room
Time: Day
Summary: Sanji finds himself in the Dollsyhouse, unable to bust down the door.
Warnings: First post in the comm - beware the newbie!

Sanji woke up and instinctively reached for his cigarettes - then he realized he's not in his bunk, nor is he even on the Thousand Sunny anymore - no, wait, he was on that island with all those crazy okama men. They'd been chasing him for hours and just when it seemed like they were about to catch him, he'd tripped on something and then . . . blank. He couldn't remember what happened after that. But somehow he ended up in this house, and he had a feeling the okamas weren't the ones who brought him there.
Well, it seemed like a house - at the very least it looked like he was in the front hall of a very nice mansion with marble floors. Having found a cigaratte and some matches, Sanji sat up, lit the smoke, and took a drag. Getting to his feet and dangling the cig from his mouth, Sanji tried the door.
"Locked," he muttered. Shrugging, Sanji put his hands in his pockets, closed his eyes, and grinned. "It's not polite to lock someone inside. ANTI-MANNERS KICK COURSE!" Sanji slammed his foot into the door, only to find the door was completely unharmed. Stunned, Sanji growled and continued to attack the door. "FLANCHET! COLLIER SHOOT! PARTY TABLE! MUTTON!" Still, the door was unmoved.
Taking a deep drag on his cigarette, Sanji realized that, for whatever reason, this door was not the exit. Now he just needed to find the exit and get back to the others.
Then again, maybe they'd somehow ended up in this strange place, too. What if the okama island was just a bad dream and this is REALLY where that Kuma guy had sent them all flying?
There was a much bigger room across from the door. Sanji decided to investigate and headed towards it.
Tags: !complete, !day 008, *acedia, sanji (one piece), sekai saionji (school days)
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