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It would be her mind and not her memories that betrayed her. [Complete]

Characters: Rayne, Not!Oz
Setting: Silver Bathroom
Time: Day 008, after Machi is killed
Summary: Watch Rayne. Watch Rayne be crazy. Be crazy, Rayne, be crazy!
Warnings: Guess.

Back pressed against the cabinets below the sink, Rayne’s knees were pulled to her chest. Her face was not pressed into them, even if the urge to do so was overwhelming, along with the need to screw her eyes shut, and press her hands over her ears. But even if she couldn’t see and hear him, she would still smell him… And while she was able to hold her breath for long periods of time, she would eventually need to breathe again, and the scent of him would be there with every breath, she knew.

Eyes firmly kept to the ground, she ignored the hint of worn boots and faded black pants that was just out the corner of her eyes, ignored the sounds of breathing that weren’t hers, ignored the smell of pine and overturned earth and something wild that she could not name.

”Yer gonna have ta look at me, event’lly, ducky.” The words came, just from in front of her, and it was all Rayne could do to not flinch. ”Can’t ignore me forever, yanno.”

“Can too.” She petulantly muttered, before she could stop herself.

Watching the hint of black in her vision shift, Rayne couldn’t stop herself from flinching this time as a tan and calloused hand reached for her. Feeling more than seeing fingers gently grasp her chin, she didn’t resist as he forced her to look up at him, dark brown eyes serious and intense, as they always were.

“Oz…” She breathed, the word coming out as more of a sigh than anything.

Lips curling to flash her a grin, his teeth almost abnormally white, the werewolf chuckled. The sound rumbled deep and low in his chest like thunder, and it made her shiver.

”’Lo, ducky.”

Pulling away from his touch, Rayne shook her head as she completely pressed back against the cabinets, she clenched her hands into fist to stop them from shaking. “Why are you here?” She asked, voice barely above a whisper.

”Because you need both of us now.” Angie answered, kneeling down to next to Rayne and making the dhampir jerk away. Giving a sheepish and lopsided smile, the blonde shrugged. ”I’m back, by the way.”

Glancing between the both of them, Rayne was silent, her mind racing. She didn’t have to ask why she needed Oz… The session with Machi had gone horribly. She had done it out of the fact that she knew she had to, while knowing that if it got out… It would drive everyone she cared about away.

Before she had come here, she had been surrounded with people that knew and understood why she did the things she did. Hell, some even enjoyed discussing it with her in detail, and learning new tricks of the trade or sharing ideas.

But now… All she had was Namine, and Alfons. And there was too high of a chance of her losing them already, before she even killed Machi. And if he told…

”He ain’t gonna.” Oz spoke up, before she even finished the thought. ”If he does, you’ll have to tell why ya did it, which’ll bring what he did ta light. And I’m really doubtin’ he wants anything like that ta happen.”

“That also means that I can’t tell anyone what he did to Namine. There’s too big of a chance of her or Alfons finding out about what I did to him and Roxas.” Rayne muttered, before burying her face in her hands. “This has just… become a complete disaster, hasn’t it?”

”I doubt it could have been avoided, gorgeous.” Angie reassured her, rubbing a hand up and down Rayne’s arm. ”One way or another, this would have come about, but that doesn’t mean that the absolute worst will happen in the future. We know that he said he had a story planned out already, don’t we?”

“I don’t have any way of knowing if he was telling the truth or not. Just because there was truth to his words then, it doesn’t mean that he would stick to it in the future.”

”Then I suggest…” Giving a wolfish grin, completely predatory in his body language as the two females looked to him, Oz chuckled. ”We better make it sure that it comes out what he did first, then, huh? What sounds worse, ducky? Ya killed him ‘cause he threatened tha girl ya take care of and held a gun to her head, or ya tortured and massacred him when he didn’t even physically hurt her?”

”He’s got a point.” Angie murmured. ”You tattle on him first, people are more likely to take your side. So, really, after this, it’s just… how do we let it be known without being obvious that we’re basically running to our metaphorical mother?”

”We’ll worry ‘bout that when it gets here.” Oz answered, the werewolf moving to stand. ”C’mon. We got more important stuff ta worry ‘bout now, don’t we?”

“…If you say so, Oz.” Rayne sighed, grabbing the counter to pull herself up, still not feeling all that comforted. That sense of foreboding from earlier still curled in her stomach, except now it was joined by something she never thought she would feel when it came to hurting one of her enemies.

She felt guilt.
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