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This bed was too hard... [Completed, Closed]

Characters: Nataku and Zetsu
Setting: The Forest Bedroom
Time: Night 001, a little bit after Nataku meets Nozumu
Summary: Nataku, after a bit of exploring, decides to lay down before he passes out, not knowing the room he chose to stay in is already claimed by Zetsu.
Warnings: We will have to see.

This bed was just right!

Nataku let himself flop onto the bed he'd found after a bit of exploring. While Nozumu had been kind to him it had seemed like the man hadn't wanted his company any further. The War Prince was used to this and hadn't thought any further on the manner, choosing instead to look around the lower floor a bit before moving upstairs and looking through the bedrooms. If there was anyone else in this house then Nataku kept missing them since he hadn't seen a soul besides Nozumu and

Right now he felt exhausted. He hadn't done much, but Nataku chalked it up to the blood loss and how his arm still downright hurt. He'd have to find Nozumu soon to ask about changing the bandages, but for now he needed to rest. Eyes were on him from somewhere, he knew, but he couldn't quite figure out where he was if he didn't get better. Leaving wasn't going to be happening any time soon and he would be better off trying to get better first and back on his feet than trying to get out now and potentially getting himself killed.

Not that he could change his mind by that point. Fatigue had caught up with him and he was asleep before he could even think of the possibility of this being someone else's room.

Tags: !complete, !night 001, war prince nataku (saiyuki), zetsu (naruto)
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