Makoto Itou (ttlypimpin) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Makoto Itou

I want your beautiful suffering [Active/Closed]

Characters: Makoto Itou, Zetsu
Setting: Dawn Room, probably moving?
Time: Late Day 08
Summary: LOLtorture.
Warnings: LOLtorture and also Zetsu is a creeper.

Makoto let out a bit of a sigh as he walked through the dawn room, stopping for only a few seconds to look at the painting of a sunrise before moving along, head down and hands shoved in his pockets. He'd seen it enough times to have memorized it and it wasn't as though he had ever taken any interest in art. He still wasn't entirely sure what'd happened with Sekai the other night, either. Yeah, sure, maybe they did have problems, but she didn't have to kill him, did she? Stranger yet that the violent act was the first thing to get him really thinking about his relationships with both her and Kotohona in a long time. Makoto couldn't help but miss the days when things were simple, before he'd known either of them, back when he'd known little about Kotohona and had been content to watch her from afar.

He decided that didn't really want to think about that, either, though. Unfortunately, that task proved to be more than a little difficult. He pulled his cell phone out without much thought, stopping and listening to the familiar chime as he turned it on and ignored the time in favor of checking the date, idly wondering how long it'd been since he came here and even more problems had arose. Almost halfway through March...already? It'd been December when he'd left, so that meant...he'd been here for at least two and a half months and...god damn, just where had the time gone?
Tags: !day 008, makoto itou (school days), zetsu (naruto)
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