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Tired of sitting around [Active, Open]

Characters: Suigintou, anyone else maybe even you!
Setting: Briefly the Mirror bedroom and Rose hallway, but mostly the Blue Kitchen
Time: Day 008
Summary: Suigintou is bored, so she does something she hasn't in a long time; eat and possibly get company while doing so.
Warnings: Boring

Suigintou stared into her infinite reflections in the myriad mirrors encompassing her bedroom. It was bright out and the sunlight poured through the window, growing brighter and brighter as the beams bounced from mirror to mirror with no escape, but the window they had come through. The dolls were gone, she'd been rid of them after the last night and the room seemed sterile without their presence. Suigintou was perched atop the bed, a void of black in the sea of white, wincing as the light condensed into a thick burning brightness that stung her eyes.

She tolerated it silently for no more then twenty seconds before she was out the door and stomping through the hallway. She'd rarely walked the hallways and remember why rather quickly. turning the corner, Suigintou was greeted by rows of vases brimming with roses. She smashed each vase as she stomped past it, knowing full well the vase would be right back on its pedestal were she to turn around. It only made her more pissed. It was as if this whole house were subtly trying to tick her off.

Heading down the stairs, she fumed through the grand room and into the kitchen. The doll hastily grabbed a bar of chocolate from the pantry and bit into it in a huff.
Tags: !day 008, *moving around, akasuna no sasori (naruto), patchouli knowledge (touhou project), suigintou (rozen maiden)
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