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Things That Lurch In The Night [Complete]

Characters: Rorschach, Machi Tobaye
Setting: Rose Hallway, at Cherry Hallway intersection; Cricket Bedroom
Time: Night 001, sometime after Machi's concussion.
Summary: Rorschach finds monsters, prepares for violence.
Warnings: Impending blood and gore! Also, Rorschach is creepy.

In Rorschach's philosophy, while there was life, there was hope.

That philosophy was being sorely tested by his time in the mansion. Hours had gone by, and the day had not gone down. He had managed to find a bedroom that suited his purposes, a small, narrow place where he could catch some sleep. Most of the others were too gaudy for his tastes... he preferred simple spaces, and didn't mind the cramped nature of the room.

He had spent his time at the house re-checking the rooms, catching some sleep, reading the books in the library, grabbing more food, reading more books, getting more sleep, so on and so on. It was night time now, and the house had become drenched in gloom. With lack of other options, he had opted to browse the books in the house, if only to find clues as to the nature of the place. So far, all of his potential trails were cold. Frustrating circumstances. But Rorschach was patient.

And indeed, that patience paid off. Night had come, drenching the whole place in gloom. Noises were heard all through the house, sawing and building noises. Wood creaked, wind blew against the windows... the whole atmosphere changed. Rorschach saw fit to renew his explorations.

He had closed the door to his bedroom when he had heard scuffling sounds down the hall... heavy dragging noises, as if someone was lugging around a corpse. Creeping carefully around the corner, he saw two huge... things... gathered around the area of what he had nicknamed the Noisy Bedroom, for all the cricket noises he had heard inside of it. Their arms were over-extended, they had no heads, and looked like no creature that Rorschach had ever seen.

A fluttering of what felt almost like fear made its way into his heart, before he remembered who he was. He was no frail human, prey to weakness or indecision. He was Rorschach. There were no grey areas. There was no fear.

Carefully, he drew out the kitchen knives he had palmed before, placing them in both hands. He decided, instinctively, that the creatures would mean him harm if he showed himself. As such, a plan was forming in his head to deal with them...
Tags: !complete, !night 001, #monsters, machi tobaye (ace attorney), rorschach (watchmen)
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