Shilo Wallace (cagedinfection) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Shilo Wallace

Depraved Heart Murder [Active/Closed]

Characters: Makoto and Shilo
Setting: The Ballroom? i-idk
Time: Day 008, midday-ish?
Summary: Makoto and c:
Warnings: OP? Also random introspection stuffs.

Shilo wasn't particularly sure what she was doing here, or anything like that. Not that there was a lot to do in this house, after a certain point. She'd already visited the library a few times (even stashed a couple of books away, for later. She was a bit disappointed that they were all fiction, but she wasn't going to complain), and she'd already explored, so she was mostly out of things to do. Maybe go back to the room she was using - the one that reminded her of home a little bit, and like her father might still be keeping an eye on her (strange how when she finally got her freedom she ended up staying in a room like that) - and relax there for a bit or something; put the books away, do some reading or something. She'd taken her medicine (which was getting dangerously low in supply, she found), already, so she was probably okay for that for a bit...

She paused in this room, though, looking around it. It was like a huge, old fashioned dance floor, like something she would see on TV, maybe in one of Blind Mag's performances. It something else to see it in person, though, and she found she had an odd fascination with the room as a whole. It was pretty amazing, even if really old fashioned to what she had always seen at home...

The piano was a nice touch, though. Shilo smiled as she hummed a little tune (Mag's, again, of course) to herself, running a few fingers carefully across the keys. Maybe she should play - it had been a while, and it was better than just sitting around and rotting, right?
Tags: !day 008, *acedia, makoto itou (school days), shilo wallace (repo! the genetic opera)
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