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It's Like a Flying Earthquake [Active/Closed]

Characters: Namine, Roxas
Setting: Crystal Dining Room
Time: Late Night 007
Summary: Namine attempts to find some kind of light, but has a little disagreement with the thunderstorm and somehow ends up under the dining table. :(
Warnings: Emo, Cute?

  She really just needed to stop leaving her room.


  It seemed like every time she went outside, something awful happened.  Heck, just TRYING to leave the room got her kidnapped, and every time after that... well, no one could say it wasn't an improvement, after that, but... but there had been a lot going on outside that she really didn't want to have to deal with.  

  Like Roxas.

  ...UGH!  If she'd told herself once, she'd told herself a million times -- don't think about him.  Except, now, it was for a different reason.  The problem, in its simplest form, was the same as before -- that he might hate her.  Only this time, it wasn't because of something he did -- it was because of what she'd done, so long ago, in a different world.  Heck, it was probably a different universe.  But the fact remained that she'd done it, and she'd done it to him.

  She hadn't realized, when she'd followed DiZ's orders, that it would haunt her for so long.  She hadn't expected it to be almost as (sometimes she wondered if it was actually 'just as') bad as when she'd rearranged Sora's memories, but... it came back to bite her.  Not that it had ever really left, if she was to be honest -- in her darkest moments, it was difficult to avoid being overwhelmed by that guilt.  And now, when she saw him so often, looked in those beautiful, unsuspecting blue eyes, she... she felt like a monster.  She'd wanted to tell him, eventually, but she'd been too much of a chicken -- and now he knew, and there was nothing she could do about it.

  If he hadn't hated her before, he probably did now.  She didn't blame him.  She didn't even like herself very much, right now.  Every time she thought about it, she just... ugh.  It made her skin crawl, just because it was her skin.  Just because it was these hands, these delicate, fragile little hands that had done that, all that.  And now... now she was to suffer the 'rewards' of her work.  Smashing her fingers against her eyes to wipe them clear, she sighed, pausing her step for a moment.  To be honest, she felt much better just assuming that he hated her and leaving it at that.  She didn't want to put herself through seeing that in those same blue eyes... and she didn't want to put him through having to see her ugly face, either. 

  Carefully, she stretched her arms out in front of her again.  The lights had gone out some time ago.  It was very disconcerting, especially when you knew the house you were staying in had a tendency to spontaneously spawn monsters, which then not-so-spontaneously attempted to eat you.  Not being able to see what was going on was unnerving, and Namine had to admit that her previous history had made her like this even less; the darkness was how they travelled.  In her room, at least, she knew the layout well enough to get around fairly easily.  But it hadn't been good enough; she needed light.  Being around the darkness for so long was making her even edgier than usual, and more stress was not what she needed.

  So she'd ventured out, hoping to find some kind of like somewhere.  She kept her hands out in front of her to search for obstacles, moving slowly despite the fact that she just wanted to run, run, run and get it over with, so she could go back to her room and hide under the covers.  She'd gotten used to the lightning, and although it was startling, her fear of the darkness had made her almost anxious to see the next flash.

Finally reaching the grand room, she found light -- but not the kind she was hoping for.  Blue lanterns.  She reached out towards one, but withdrew her hand at the last moment.  Something about them was... very eery.  Better not to mess with them.  Maybe there were matches in the kitchen?  There was all kinds of stuff in there. 

  ...But for the time being, she lingered.  There was light here, for certain, and while the strange lanterns unnerved her, she found she could not tear herself away.  She paused for a moment, just staring at them.  It was almost peaceful... until the next thunderclap startled her out of her stupor.  She pressed a hand to her chest, trying to calm her breathing.  No big deal, just thunder --

  She yelped as another streak of lightning shot through the air.  Okay, this was silly.  It was just WEATHER.  Not a big deal.  Now, if it was Larxene --

  She shuddered, remembering in a rush all the times she'd seen Larxene use her powers.  It looked so... uncontrollable.  So vicious.  So --

  She pressed her hands over her ears, trying to drown out another thunderclap, not even realizing that she'd yelped.  Her very universe seemed to shake.  How could she have ignored it so easily?!  Had the darkness really been so bad?!  She'd have almost preferred it, over this!  Shuddering, she scuffled towards the kitchen, meaning to get her mission over with and go back home, but... suddenly, the table seemed so inviting.  ANYTHING would have been inviting (except for the breathing furniture, because that was just a definite 'no' in all situations).  She hesitated a moment, warring with what little pride she had... until the next thunderclap.  About three seconds after that, Namine was huddled under the table, knees pulled up to her chest and hands over her ears, her eyes shut tight and pressed against her knees.  A little white-dressed ghost hiding under the table.

Tags: !night 007, naminé (kingdom hearts), roxas (kingdom hearts)
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