Mio Amakura (lingeringscent) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Mio Amakura

The world is full of victims [Active/Closed]

Characters: Mio Amakura, Alphonse Elric
Setting: 2nd floor East Hallway
Time: Night 008, a little while after Zetsu gets kidnapped.
Summary: Mio runs into Alphonse, drama ensues?
Warnings: Possibly angst.

It was dark again.

The light before had been dim, a kind of gray that was difficult to see through and still requiring light more often than not in order to see most things properly, but it had at least been favorable to the complete and total darkness that the night brought along with it. Mio had spent a good portion of her time stationed on her bed, knees drawn close to her chest and camera drawn closer. She didn't like the idea of getting off, of abandoning what had become her 'safe spot' near the nightstand where the little candle lay light. She was afraid, afraid that as soon as she moved to get up something would crawl out from under the bed and grab her--maybe that woman that hid in the kimono boxes or the shadows, somehow managing to be darker than the darkness itself that almost seemed as though they were moving.

It was just her imagination, of course, baseless paranoia because of the eccentric, glowing shadows that were out there, but it was enough to keep her waiting for Zetsu for longer than she should have. She wanted to wait for him, because she knew that he would be back soon. He would be back because he'd just gone downstairs to get salt. He would come back soon and things would be fine. Besides, if she left...when he came back he would probably worry. He might go searching for her, he might worry or end up putting himself in danger...she didn't want him to have to do that. She couldn't make him do that. She tried to pass the time by staring at the door--locked, because he'd said to lock it and that he would knock when he came back--, but that only seemed to add to her concerns.

No knock ever came, though, and Mio began to regret her decision to stay behind, unable to shake the thought that something horrible must have happened to him. It was that thought, that concern that got her moving, taking her for her flashlight, still functional due to it's limited use during her time in the house, and sliding off the bed in one swift movement, letting out a bit of a gasp and shining the flashlight near the bed she was so certain that something was hiding under. Letting out a bit of a relieved sigh, she strengthened her resolve: she had to find him, to make sure he was alright. He probably wouldn't be happy with her following him, but she was worried...she didn't want to think about the possibility of him not coming back, of losing him again because she hadn't been there. Not after that. Not after the painful reminder of his death that she'd been given earlier...

She left the room and pulled the door shut behind her. Mio shined the light of her flashlight off to either side of her before beginning to walk towards the fligth of stars that would lead to the downstairs hallway.
Tags: !complete, !night 008, *acedia, alphonse elric (fullmetal alchemist), mio amakura (fatal frame)
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