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[Undignified Entrance, Act 1, Active, Open]

Characters: Baki
Setting: Entrance Room, on the not so pleasant marble floor.
Time: ...N-night 8
Summary: Baki falls in, as usual, and finds himself in something cut out of a nightmare.
Warnings: Flustered Baki and possible monster alert?
It felt like a false step. An unconscious sort of movement of semi sleep, when your foot is still moving but your mind's half asleep. You dream of walking down steps, and your conscious leg agrees, and you've woken yourself up with that movement. That's what it felt like to him. A little wake up movement. Though, as he blinked his gaze into clarity, he wondered how long it had taken him to wake up. He felt drowsy... on a cold, smooth stone floor. Not quite the texture he was used to.

And then his vision finally registered, forcing the jounin into an all too hasty rise.
He did not recognize this area. He did not at all.

It was bad, bad news when a shinobi woke up in a strange location. Immediately he got to looking around, whirling rather quickly as he searched for foes, objects of interest, threats, hints, anything. Almost even more distressingly, he found himself in an empty... entrance room?
With no currently present persons in sight, his mind went to the hows first.

Had he been drugged? Or perhaps rendered unconscious? But then, by whom? Who could have infiltrated Suunagakure in order to get close enough to the council building, and abducted him of all people?

Wait, wait, wait, he was making baseless assumptions. He placed a hand over his face, giving a low sound of aggravation.

Okay, doing a run down of what he did know for sure,
He had not had his kunai and scrolls confiscated. That was beyond bizarre if this were a captive situation.
He was not being watched by personal, nor was he in a confined space, both also bizarre.
Finally, he did not know whose power he was currently under, so... he concluded it was best to not make any drastic moves. Not until he knew what he was under.
Behind him, there was a door, he noted. Outside, it was dark, and a rumbling noise like drills and screeches filled the air.
Where in the world had he ended up?
Tags: !incomplete, !night 008, baki (naruto), mio amakura (fatal frame)
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