Hikaru Hitachiin (richandcareless) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Hikaru Hitachiin

hold your breath til it's over. [COMPLETE]

Characters: Hikaru Hitachiin, Sekai, Sanji.
Setting: ..I almost forgot what this meant. UH, the Blue Kitchen.
Time: Let's say 9 o'clock Night 008.
Summary: Hikaru and Sanji are dragged off to the panopticon by a creepy monster! Sekai tries to help but fails. :x
Warnings: Hikaru's mouth, Sanji's mouth, angst, and wimpy-ness. And I think the monster is pretty scary IMO. But that's just me. Oh and tl;dr OP.

'You should learn, you know. You never seem to learn from your mistakes. It makes you an idiot.'

His subconscious was arguing with him as he walked, his head down and orangey locks getting into his eyes. It had become its latest hobby, and if he didn't know better, he'd think he was being bothered by voices in his head. Maybe it was; he didn’t know. He didn't know because if you had voices in your head, then you were insane, and if you were insane, you wouldn't really know you had voices in your head, now would you? But you couldn't blame him. Sure, he hadn't gone through the worst in this house – no, he should talk to some of the other inhabitants, if he ever decided to become social – but he was still vaguely traumatized by

(ice ice cold and it's going towards her oh god it's got her it's got her)

the previous night. His encounter with the freezer ghost hadn't been the best one. Not only had he seen his first corpse (though frozen – luckily you didn't see a ripe and rotting one, Hikaru), but also his first ghost as well. He had been locked up with Haruhi (it would have been awkward, maybe, if not for the ghost and dead body) and had to hack away at the corpse's gut in order to find the key to get out. And all the while Haruhi was struggling with the ghost, just inches away from freezing to death.

Maybe he'd never forgive himself. He had gotten Haruhi into trouble again. You'd think one time was enough, but no, Hikaru the Idiot had to go ahead and get her into trouble twice. He could have stopped her from going into that freezer. He could have—

'He could have, he could have, he could have. What does it matter anymore? At least you're out.'

But now I'm probably going to get myself into more trouble. It's night and there'll be more ghosts. But what am I doing? Walking around anyway.

At least he wasn't as bad as Tono. Tono was an even bigger idiot; he probably would have screwed up things even worse. Like sweet-talking the ghost into letting Haruhi go . . . Hikaru would have snorted or snickered if he wasn't still so freaked about that situation.

So if he was freaked, why go? Well . . . he was fucking hungry, that's why. He was used to three or four fine meals a day, and he wasn't getting any. Now he'd try the Blue Kitchen and see what they had. No way in hell was he going back to the Industrial one.

Hikaru stopped short in his tracks, arriving at the kitchen's gaping entrance. There were shadows everywhere – that was expected, what with the lack of light. But there was something darker on the floor. It was almost liquid-like, reminding him of a small oil spill, about two feet in diameter. Suddenly, it began to expand. It shifted like a grotesque animated sack of boneless meat, wobbling on the floor, writing and taking shape. Tendrils of smoke rose from the growing pit of darkness, and there was an eerie hissing sound not unlike a frying egg humming at his ear.

Hikaru stumbled a few steps back, watching with growing horror. It began to shape. It began to grow and feed, feeding off of his fear.
Tags: !complete, !night 008, #monsters, *acedia, hikaru hitachiin (ouran high host club), sanji (one piece), sekai saionji (school days)
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