Shilo Wallace (cagedinfection) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Shilo Wallace

Vast graveyards were built in the skies [Active/Open]

Characters: Shilo and Zetta~
Setting: Grand room
Time: Day 008, late-ish?
Summary: Shilo and Zetta meet \o/ Stuff happens.
Warnings: None? Fail and introspective, as per usual.

Shilo wasn't sure if there was any particular reason for her wanderings, this time, either. Maybe it was just a sense of restlessness that was settling over her, especially as the day ground on. Soon it would be night, and she would be back to hiding in the bedroom she had claimed a part of, listening to the droning of the medical machines, confined and afraid, unable to really experience any of the odd freedom that she had felt since getting to the house. The place was an odd sort of mixed blessing in that sense, wasn't it? Freedom in the day, monsters at night. Nice trade-off, huh?

Shilo sighed a little bit as she sat there, glancing around a little bit, trying to figure out what to do next. She was in the big room not far from the entrance, so there were a couple of options - three directions from there that actually led somewhere, even if one wasn't much, with a fourth to go to the pointless little entrance room. There was the piano, too, but frankly she was bored of that, now, so...she needed something different to do.

She just didn't know what.

((ooc: Lemme know if anything needs to be fixed, or whatever?~))
Tags: !day 008, !incomplete, *acedia, shilo wallace (repo! the genetic opera), zetta (makai kingdom)
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