Riccardo Belli (invasivexam) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Riccardo Belli

If you are near to the dark [Complete]

Characters: Riccardo and open
Setting: Small Library
Time: onset of Night 008
Summary: Stuff. idk.
Warnings: Riccardo. :|

Riccardo really did not like this house.

He had found that it was quite true that there was no apparent escape from this house, though that had hardly stopped him; he had devoted the entire day (as he quickly learnt was far longer than normally expected) to exploring nearly every nook and cranny of the house (all while avoiding any and all people to the best of his ability), trying to find any sort of clue to some way out or anything otherwise of importance to him. He needed to get back, and soon; he couldn't risk having Fiona starve to death or otherwise waste away before he could make use of her, and he wouldn't dare allow the old man to find her and use her before that could happen. No, it was imperative that he got back, and soon.

Unfortunately, his search had yielded few results. A few corpses and many peculiar rooms, but nothing all that alarming or disorienting. No, he'd seen plenty that meant that those rooms hardly phased him, and so he had simply pressed on. But still nothing.

Consequently, he was irritated, and he realised (by the slight change in light) that it had become night - it was far darker now than before, and it was taking a minute for his eyes to adjust. He ducked into what he recalled to be the library, hoping that perhaps he could find some information there (he'd hardly glanced at the books before, more concerned with corporeal information and clues than anything a book could provide), or at least something to occupy him for a short while. He would continue some searching in the night, of course, but unfortunately that had to wait. He was tired of biding his time, but it might prove necessary for a short while, at least until he got a grasp of what to expect from this place.
Tags: !complete, !night 008, *acedia, baki (naruto), riccardo belli (haunting ground)
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