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Alphonse Elric

Do you need anybody? [Complete]

Characters: Alphonse and Red XIII
Setting: Journey Bedroom
Time: Night 008, relatively early on?~ Probably just a bit after the thread with Mio
Summary: Alphonse seeks out old friends from worryworryangst, reuniting with Red happens, possibly followed by moar angst? IDEK, okay?
Warnings: none?

Alphonse was apprehensive and worried; he knew it was night time and that he should be staying out of trouble as much as possible, but he couldn't help it. Anyway, he knew he could take care of himself, as long as he didn't go overboard, and he was careful...

He hadn't seen (or heard, rather) Nanaki in weeks. Probably over a month, though it was hard to judge. Courtney had been even longer; that had probably been several months, and he was especially worried about her...

And now that it was night again...that just made his worry double over on itself. His friends could take care of themselves, yes, even more so than Alphonse could (especially Nanaki, though Courtney had proved herself more than capable, as well...), but he couldn't help but worry. Had something happened to them? Were they doing okay? They - he - might have even been a little lonely...

He was sure he could at least find Nanaki, though, and maybe he would know more. If he could at least talk to Nanaki then it would be okay... He thought he remembered what room was theirs (or at least Nanaki's), too, even though it had been a long time since he had been brought there. The night he had first met the older, more animal, friend, and the night he'd lost his sight. It had been a long time, but he thought he remembered...

Cautiously he approached the door, and reached up to timidly knock at it. There was no guarantee he was right, if he or someone else was in there, or anything like that - and, anyway, manners were still good to have.

"N-Nanaki? Are you there?"

((ooc: Lemme know if anything needs to be fixed, or whatever?~))
Tags: !complete, !night 008, alphonse elric (fullmetal alchemist), red xiii/nanaki (final fantasy vii)
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