Suoh Tamaki (commonintrigue) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Suoh Tamaki

[Into the Night, Active, Open]

Characters: Suoh Tamaki, Gale
Setting: The Grand Room
Time: Night 008 (early-ish probably)
Summary: Tamaki walks around the house unwisely at night.
Warnings: Nothing, most likely.

It wasn't that he was afraid of the dark, not really, but this place was creeping Tamaki out. He only vaguely knew that he had been here for longer than he actually remembered, but his mind was fuzzy on most of the details. There was the arrival, a girl, and not much else he could recall -- Kyouya might have been there too, maybe, but that could have just been his imagination.

That wasn't important, he told himself, sticking close to the walls of the large room. It reminded him of the Host Club, and he nearly stepped away from the wall to confirm if the shadow he saw was indeed a piano. Not now, Tamaki; but still had a thought that he could check in the morning.

Something shifted on the edge of his vision, and he hugged the wall tighter, hoping what little light the windows provided wouldn't give him away if it was anything unpleasant.

It was raining, Tamaki noticed, and he couldn't help but hope it didn't turn into thunder.
Tags: !night 008, #monsters, gale (digital devil saga), suoh tamaki (ouran high host club)
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