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This Title Claimed in the Name of the Queen [Active/Open]

Characters: England & America. Anyone else?
Setting: Starting at the entrance (first floor, east wing) to...where ever America runs off to.
Time: Night 008
Summary: England and America arrive! Mocking and monsters ensues!
Warnings: Bit of language but other than that, none. ♥

England couldn't even begin to understand how he'd gotten here. One moment he had been in his garden, having tea with his fairy friends and the next he had...Well, he wasn't even entirely sure what had happened after that. It was all a bit fuzzy. But somehow he had found himself in a dark house that was not his own. Inexplicably.

Although his first reaction was to think of magic but he'd never seen a magic so strong it could move a person just like that. That sort of thing was supposed to be impossible...Yet here he was, sitting in a hallway that he'd never seen before and with a bad feeling that was getting stronger and stronger the longer he sat there.

The house looked normal enough but he could feel it, there was something wrong with the place and he wasn't going to stick around to find out what. England wasted no time in getting to his feet and trying the door behind him. Which didn't budge.

Not one to be deterred so easily, he glanced over his shoulder for a moment to make sure no one was there before kicking the door, hard. Unfortunately the result was a hurt foot and an unharmed door. "Bloody fuckin' door!" He hissed under his breath. It was clear he wasn't going to get anywhere with force but then again, he was no America with monstrous strength.

With seemingly no other option at hand, he grudgingly turned around to take a few steps down the hall. "Anyone there?" He called out impatiently, taking extreme care to keep the dread he was feeling in the pit of his stomach out of his voice. He also made sure to keep his posture and steps confident and unwavering. He wasn't going to let himself be intimidated by this, they'd have to try harder than that.
Tags: !night 008, #monsters, *moving around, america/alfred f. jones (hetalia), england/arthur kirkland (hetalia)
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