Kyousuke Iwaki (cicadamemory) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Kyousuke Iwaki

[Dropping In, Active/Open]

Characters: Kyousuke Iwaki, anyone who wants to find him :D
Setting: Entrance of the house/The Grand Room.
Time: Day 008
Summary: Iwaki has just arrived at Dollsy and is extremely confused.
Warnings: Nothing really as of now.

He tripped before he could make it to the door, which was quite strange. Iwaki was never clumsy. He could barely think any of this through before he felt something… different. There was no time for reuniting. Iwaki was no longer in front of his house. He was somewhere unfamiliar. Somewhere he didn’t choose to be. There was only one worry on his mind.

Katou was definitely not waiting for him in this place.

Certainly, the strangest feeling in the world was the sensation of falling without stopping. Or, perhaps, a person could be falling, but unable to recognize if he or she had stopped at all. There is simply no other way to describe it. When the world you land in so happens to be completely different than the one you’re used to, things could get quite confusing. How would anyone come to terms with what is up or down? Right or left? Sky or ground? Ceiling or floor?

Kyousuke Iwaki was having a similar experience. The world he was used to had disappeared… he could almost feel a very distinct difference, as if the very air he was breathing was some substitute for oxygen. His thoughts were trying everything they could to make sense of what just happened, but he wasn’t getting any answers. He was on the floor, that was for sure, inside a building of some kind that he had magically fallen into.

The actor brought his hands to the marble floor in order to hoist himself up. Good, his body was still intact and his heart was beating in his chest. He hadn’t died or anything. Still no answers.

“Hello?” Iwaki bellowed into the seemingly empty room. Upon receiving no reply, he tried again, “Anyone there?” No luck at all. Iwaki was beginning to wonder if he was dreaming or not. One of those dreams that felt real. Feeling like a complete idiot, Iwaki pinched his arm. Of course it hurt. Dreaming would be too easy. He sighed heavily, and finally took a look around the room he was definitely in. There had to be some way out of here. Kyousuke Iwaki was not going to accept being trapped in a place like this.

There were… plaster decorations, roses, a door to his right, and behind him there was certainly large door that more than likely was his ticket out of this place. Katou… Honestly, that was all that door meant. He reached for the handle, anxiety weighing him heavy. It was locked. Great. Iwaki leaned against the door, resting the side of head against it as he thought his situation through. If the door was locked, someone had to live here. It was a large house, judging by the room that lay beyond the one he was standing in. He was probably overreacting to this situation, anyway. He tripped and hit his head, and someone must have found him and brought him here. This was the only possible solution.

Iwaki hesitantly made his way into the new, and rather large room. The moment he had, the overwhelming sensation of different seemed to increase tenfold. Eeriness surrounded the place and made Iwaki feel uncomfortable in his own body.

“Hello? Anyone home?” He tried again, keeping his guard up.
Tags: !day 008, !incomplete, *acedia, kyousuke iwaki (haru wo daiteita), shilo wallace (repo! the genetic opera)
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