Shinku, the fifth Rozen Maiden (rozendominatrix) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Shinku, the fifth Rozen Maiden

One Hell of an N-Field [Active/Closed]

Characters: Shinku, Sasori, Cherry, and Suigintou
Setting: Entrance Room
Time: Night 008
Summary: Shinku arrives in the house. She's not happy about it.
Warnings: Yeah. There are Rozen Maiden spoilers here now.

It was something she should have seen coming. She really should have been prepared for this. Every door could be a portal to an n-field. And here she was. Trapped. It was the most realistic looking one she'd ever seen. She carefully raised herself to her feet, brushing her dress off. It was eerily silent for an n-field, too. Suigintou should have been showing herself already. If she wanted to play the Alice Game, she wasn't doing a very good job of it.

Or a very good job of it, keeping Shinku off her guard. She gripped her cane, glancing around. Any moment now... If she had a heart, it would be beating right now. She was dizzy, not quite sure how to deal with the situation.

This was not Suigintou's style. That doll liked to make it very clear when she was trying to beat down Shinku. She paused, turning around suddenly, swearing she heard something.

And the worst part of it... Jun wasn't here. She was without her medium.
Tags: !night 008, akasuna no sasori (naruto), cherry (saber marionette j), shinku (rozen maiden), suigintou (rozen maiden)
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