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things hitting fans, and the rest [complete]

Characters: Tohru Adachi, Marisa Kirisame.
Setting: Entrance Room
Time: Night 008
Summary: Adachi arrives in the house.
Warnings: Truckloads of language, /EMO WRISTS!! but without the wrists, and P4 spoilers, if that's a concern?




Jesus fucking Christ!

One second you're clean of doubt. Everything's in place; everything's in order--everything runs smooth like butter. One second, no one suspects. One second, it's business as usual, and one second, you have all your fun--and the next! And the next second, it's like the everyone and their wrinkly little grandmothers all know what you're up to. Just like that! Like a blink of an eye, the snap of two fingers--it's just instantaneous. Everyone. Just up in your grill, you know what I mean? There was no warning, and there was no speed bump. It was all free fall. Figuratively and... literally.

It was a serious mindfuck--this whole thing. And Adachi wasn't really one to "stick around" until things "blew over." No, he ran. After those brats just stared at him with their stone cold, accusing eyes, he ran like you never did see a man run, and jumped into the nearest TV. And it was a free-fucking-fall until he hit the very bottom and--and.

And well, once Adachi could get up and realize what his surroundings were... it was a little weird, to say the least.

Shit, he thought as his vision ever-so-slowly cleared.

Wh... where is this place? (Is this really the world inside the TV?)

Adachi groaned as he turned onto his stomach and started to pull himself up and off the ground--turns out that he had landed flat on his back. It was a miracle that his back wasn't broken, but... well. Miracles were fickle things.

He pushed himself up to his knees and looked around. It was a nice place, he thought. (Even if rather dark.) Kinda empty. Not much furniture. (That didn't mean that it wasn't nice, though.) Straightening himself out, he glanced up at the wooden doors before him. Those brats could follow me in at any second... I should just get out of here. And so he stood and made his way towards the front door.
Tags: !complete, !night 008, marisa kirisame (touhou project), tohru adachi (persona 4)
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