Nataku @ The Dollsy House (heretic_nataku) wrote in thedollsyhouse,
Nataku @ The Dollsy House

Hungry little doll all stuffed with fluff [Active/Open]

Characters: Nataku, whoever happens across the kitchen
Setting: The blue kitchen, maybe other areas
Time: Night 001
Summary: Nataku seeks out food for himself and Zetsu
Warnings: A war prince who has never cooked for himself before; yet another kitchen thread.

In all his short life there had been nothing quite so intimidating as what he stood before now. Sure, it seemed completely innocent, but for Nataku this was going to be a challenge to overcome. Perhaps he would have been better off trying to find those monsters Zetsu had mentioned and taking those on instead?

A grumble sounded through the room and the young boy was reminded of how long it had been since he'd last eaten. Well, it couldn't hurt to at least try...

The War Prince was going to attempt to cook -- and not just a sandwich or something that could be easily microwaved. Oh no! He didn't even know what those were. Instead, he was going to try to make some rice and vegetables for himself like he was used to eating in Heaven.

Only he'd never cooked for himself before -- at all.

May the gods help us all.
Tags: !night 001, koizumi itsuki (melancholy of haruhi), larxene (kingdom hearts), war prince nataku (saiyuki)
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