Xellos (jushinkan) wrote in thedollsyhouse,

Characters: Xellos, open
Setting: Entrance room
Time: Night 008
Summary: Newly arrived in the house
Warnings: None, unless there needs to be a warning for possible Xellos shenanigans

You know, this wasn't how he had planned his day in advance.

Why yes, he did plan. The Hellmasters Jar was getting closer to him with each passing day, he was sure that he'd have it within the next week or so. It was going to be off to some hidden tomb for thenext possible location of it, if that suit of armor was indeed right about it.

Maybe you don't think suits of armor talk.

Obviously then you'd never met Nama before.

But really now, he had plenty of confidence in himself to not mess up something as painfully simple as a teleportation, it was what he did best for heavens sake.

He remembered leaping off of the branch of a tree to place himself in the tomb. The plan was to follow Lina to the Hellmasters Jar, of course. Simple task, simple objective, simple spell.

So... uh... Where was this? 

Tumbling rather ungracefully into the entrance room and landing on his rump with a solid thud on the floor, if there was any one here who was the most surprised, it was him. Though the surprise was soon replaced by a look of confusion and... Curiosity? Oh, now really where was he? Mildly annoying, a bit aggrivating, he was hoping for a dusty old tomb here but whatever, he'd deal for now. This was only a temporary set back anyway, he was sure.

Picking himself up and dusting himself off, he was nothing but apparently curious, even fascinated now with this new setting, tapping his staff lightly against the heavy oak doors behind him before wandering over to the vase of flowers and examining those.

No place he had ever been to before, he knew that. Was there even anyone here? Good heavens he hoped so, even if his stay here was going to be very short, it'd be dull if this new area was totally empty.

Taking this rather well, aren't we, Xellos?
Tags: !night 008, akame nisei (loveless), xellos (slayers)
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